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6. New Garage DoorsSan Diego Garage Door Repair Service can acquire any kind of new garage door that your looking for. You name it and we’re able to get our hands on it. All the new features and different options newer garage doors bring. You place the order and we’ll have it shipped at once.Why You Should Buy A New Garage DoorPossibly one of the best benefits of purchasing a new garage door is the extra security it can bring you. Some of these newer doors are made from reinforced steel or heavy wood. Then you could also just be looking to get people’s attention when they’re driving by, nothing wrong with a little curb appeal. Add a few windows to give it a different look.If that’s not it, you might be trying to sell your property and replacing the old garage door would definitely add value to the home. Some people don’t realize that’s getting a new garage door comes with better insulation which in the long run will cut costs on your energy bill. All of those sound good and we’re the team to help you out on it.Companies That Make The Garage DoorsThe companies that build these garage doors are amazing at what they do. They create one of a kind garage doors made to last a long time. The materials are formed together that can deal with many types of conditions. If you want a new garage door and want to do some research on who makes them. Here are a few of those manufacturers:MidlandC.H.IDeldenNorthwestClopay RaynorAmarr And much more…With our service and their quality garage doors, you will be in some of the best hands out there. We want to give you superior garage door servicing and the only way we can is having an amazing staff and quality items. CustomizeCustomizing your new garage door is a great opportunity to add different features that others will not have. First start with the style garage door you want. Then choose the type of material. Also your able to pick the type of track system you would want so your door could open in different directions. These are some of the customizing options you have:Carriage style doorContemporary LayoutsWood Steel panels Sliding door tracksSwinging HingeAnd more…Many to pick from giving you a wide selection and making your home even closer to being complete. Call us and our sales member will help you choose what kind of garage door will best fit your home.Features You Can AddUpdated features with these newer garage door models give you better options to choose from. Depending on what you’re looking for these features will enhance the use of your garage door. Some of these options will also help the longevity on your door making it easier to deflect damage. Options you have are:Colors- our catalog has a wide selection of different colors you can choose from Style- take a look at our online catalog and see all the style garage doors we have and pick which one you like. We can have a tech come by and also help you choose by letting you know which one would fit your home the best.Material- different materials gives you a type of security and lookInsulation- this will take care of the fluctuations in temps turn and help regulate it.Windows- can add sunlight and a classy lookIf you want to try something new and stand out from the rest. Don’t hesitate and give it a try. Adding more security to protect your family or giving your home that rustic or classy look you always wanted. We have it all just for you. Place an order with us and we’ll ha doe the rest. Once it has arrived a technician will be right there to install it.Old Panels Replaced With Newer OnesPanels on your garage door will take on damage over the years. Just plain old use can cause that and also weather conditions. The downfall to having panels is that they can not be repaired, only replaced. Now our techs are able to replace only the damaged one. If there is too much damage then maybe your whole door will need to be replaced.If they are able to replace only the damaged panels, you do run the risk of mismatching colors. We’re able to get the same color you previously had but with age colors tend to fade. Your newer ones color will be vibrant and look brand new. We’ll try our best to have them match to the best of our capabilities.Old Parts Should Be ReplacedEvery garage door company will tell you that replacing old worn down parts with new ones will support your door to last longer. Especially if these parts are made from quality material your garage door could go on for many years. To tell which parts that need to be replaced, a technician will over every section of your garage door and see which ones are bad.The companies that supply us with the garage door also make the parts that go in them. So if you do t need a new garage door installation. Then getting the broken parts in your existing garage door will benefit you greatly. ProsProfessionals have that title for a reason because they know exactly what their doing in they’re field of study. Not always are you able to do it yourself when it comes to a project and garage doors are one of those. There are certain types of risks and dangers when working on them.Balancing a garage door is a huge risk because the door itself weighs a couple hundred pounds and if not balanced the right way could fall on you. The you have the torsion springs which are applied with a good amount of tension to set them in place and if those aren’t set properly could come flying back at you with all that force. These can cause serious damages to you or your family. So contact us right away and we’ll make sure everything is done the correct way and safely.Trained Our technicians have gone through extensive training and studying giving them the knowledge to understand every make and model garage door. It could be an older one or a newer model. They know how to fix it and install them. Without proper training no garage door would’ve repaired or even installed the right way. Along with the training our techs receive they will also come prepared for most repairs if we don’t have the part in stock. So once you call us and need it fixed that same day. It’s easier for them to have it fixed quickly. So contact us so we can send a trained technician out your way. Your garage door will be better than ever once they are done with it.Trust UsThat new garage door our thinking about buying won’t be able to install itself. So call the team at San Diego Garage Door Repair Service to get that for you. Any new feature you want or make and model we can order it. You want your home to stand out from the rest, take a look at our catalog and let’s customize some of those options. Put your trust in us and we won’t fail you. This city has been great to us and we’re giving back to it in the best way we know how to. Call us today, tomorrow or whenever you need a new garage door or any service for that matter. We got you covered! Can’t wait to hear from you!

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