There are many driving factors in changes

There are many driving factors
in changes of technology with consumers making better choices towards a better
future in health care. While health information technology secures exchanges of
health information between consumers, providers and payers, it can be accessed
by the patient when needed. Health information technology makes accessing
information effective and quick for patients. Having the ability to have a
closed network to ask questions, see results, and make appointments gives a
patient the relief and convenience for instant knowledge on their healthcare
needs.  Health IT enables patients to
have access to their medical history, medical records, and doctor’s
recommendations. Patients can access their personal information and update
their records, as well as provide other caretakers or hospitals the ability to
log into their record for care. The patient has complete control of who may
have access to their records.  The
patient can access their information online or patient portals.  Self-service kiosks are a self-service portal
where patients can access their information without the help of personnel.  The need to fill out paper work at a hospital
can now be accessed at self-service kiosks. 
Self-service kiosks are found in convenient places like drug stores,
hospitals, and physician offices. 
Patients can also quickly screen their vision, blood pressure, weight
and BMI.  These results can be sent
directly to the physician office, alerting the physician if there any problems
associated with the patient.  As
self-service kiosks become more available with technology advances, this can
help patients to prevent problems before they happen.  Kiosks are new connections to healthcare
providers and should not replace doctor examinations.  As technology progresses in the medical
field, there are now more improved methods for storing and sharing health
information which makes house calls an increasing possibility in patient care.  Mobile health strategies allow providers to
view electronic health information anywhere they can connect to Wi-Fi, which
includes patient’s homes and nursing care facilities (  Mobile technology allows physician assistants
(PA) and physicians to make house old-fashioned house calls, even as we move
faster into the digital age. Some of the past as in house calls, is now of the
future with the digital age advancing at a faster rate of speed.  This can and will be a great benefit for many
people including the elderly, families and individuals.  

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