When I was able to have autonomy

When I was in my college years, my favourite rotation was community nursing. As a student nurse that time, I was able to have autonomy and freedom which I love every time we were assigned to a specific family in a village. This home visit happened once a week. I love the thought of it that I personally able to take care of a family specially the Mother and her children and be able to see them weekly as their nurse. The bond and the rapport we had was satisfying. It feels like I’m a family to them. But as I graduated and pursue my nursing career, I wasn’t able to continue my passion that is the public health nursing since I decided to work at the hospital. But as a nurse working in the hospital, I wasn’t able to achieve the will that I love since I was still a nursing student. In hospital setup, I’m focus on individual’s problem that already progresses rather than preventing it earlier, and once they’re discharge that’s the end of my role as a nurse for them. I only see them once or twice in my lifetime and that my reason why I want to pursue my passion in the field of public health nursing. With this field that I love, I have an opportunity to build a long term relationship with the family and be able to take care of them and be able to see them for several times in a week. And being a nurse working in the community gives a huge impact to myself since I will be involve in different sectors and can work together to improve a family’s health within a specific area. With that health impact that I could share to the family and to the community, it brings a personal satisfaction and pride knowing that I can able to help them detect and prevent early signs of problems. And one of the positive things about public health nursing is the flexibility and the schedule. I can take care of my family when I have one someday and I can do chores because of that flexibility.

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