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What is that one thing that has everything? It’s a smartphone. A smartphone has everything on it and we simply cannot live without it. Have you ever went a day without checking your phone or using it? No, right from the time we wake up we use our phones. Even as an alarm clock according to an online study “Almost 60% of people ages 16-34 years old use a phone as their primary timepiece”(yougov.us). It has more functions than that one of the most useful use of it is as a way finder. When was the last time you used a map to go from point A to point B? Probably a million years ago, you often hear people say ” use waze, or google maps or satnav” An article k states that “If the idea of using a map seems a bit too much like hard work, blame your satnav. Britons’ map-reading skills are fading as our reliance on digital navigation grows, a study has suggested. In fact, so dependent have we become on electronic guidance from the dashboard or internet that most drivers are no longer comfortable with a paper map. Almost two out of three said they much prefer satnavs. And four out of five 18 to 30-year-olds confessed to an inability to navigate without electronic guidance. However, 53 per cent of over-60s are still comfortable with conventional maps. And in a blow to their image as confident navigators, 59 per cent of men said they would struggle without a satnav. By comparison, 69 per cent of women said they would be lost without one.While 83% of participants owned a road map, only a third carried one in their vehicles all the time, the survey of 2000 volunteers for budget website( NetVoucherCodes) found.(dailymail.uk)             You all are probably wondering right now what’s his point we already know these.  Well today I will prove to you why android is the best operating system of a smartphone today.. Today we’ll put it up against it arch rival IOS purely based on consumer experience and price point             First up price point since more brand uses android as the operating system and ios is exclusive for Iphone it is therefore a fact that most android phones are cheaper. Examples here in the Philippines are oppo, vivo, and others just comes around 15,000-20,000php compared to iphone’s very steep pricing ranging from 60,000-80,000php. Now you may argue that some features are not present in the cheaper devices. The IPhoneX has facial I.D and all screen display (Ivy,Jonathan,Zuckenmark.Designed by apple in california.apple inc. 2016)As team Android Authority(AA)” Affordability is the key driver for android dominance worldwide and it continues to be. If you want  premium devices to match and surpass the iphone and Ipad then you can find them.             Second android just has a wider range of features. In the smartphone industry consumer experience is the biggest deal maker and android just dominates in that category. It has a ton of more features than IOS. For example the multitasking split screen window is present since samsung’s note1 released. Until now iphone just fails to do such, even with the bigger screen display of their ”plus” models starting from the iphone6+ and so on. The stylus pen that comes with the note series. It’s another big factor specially for designers, architects. According to a logo designer who uses the note series specifically note4&5 to make logos for its client. ”The S pen makes using mobile graphic design app such as photoshop touch easier than using your finger and drawing with it it’s pretty accurate thanks to the pressure sensitivity”.(logoandsimplicity.com) You may argue that the Ipad can also do that and you can just buy a apple pen. We would then go back to pricing. Why would u want to spend another $99 just for an apple pen? And that Ipad of yours is way too bulky to be carried around comfortably and more importantly you still can’t to a split screen multitasking.However apple does win in some categories. For example in speed. Iphone 8,8+ are currently the fastest phone in the market. The A11 bionic chip is just faster compared to samsung’s flasghip galaxy note8 with it’s qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor. This was proven by a speed test conducted by everything apple pro. Where in he launched 10apps one after the other and the iphone loaded it faster at 2mins47secs while samsung’s galaxy note8 took 4mins46secs. But apple openly admitted that they intentionally slow down older models to preserve battery life. Another downside of this powerful performance from apple is that the battery life isn’t as great as the android phones.IPhone users will all agree that we need to charge at least twice a day. Who launches 10apps one after the other on a daily basis.After all of these reasons, I firmly believe that we can all agree with me when i say “Android is the best selling smartphone operating device in the market right now”. Not only does it have more features it also comes at a lower price point, since majority of the smartphone devices use android. Unlike IOS which is exclusive to apple products. Again just with the facial recognition which is the top unlock security feature today vivo(android) comes at 15,000-20,000. While the IPhoneX(IOS) comes at 60,000-80,000. The split screen multitasking is not present in any smartphone apple offers. Yes, Iphone may have won the speed category, but there is a serious price to pay it’s battery life, and a phone can never perform without battery. While android who would perform almost as fast has a battery would last longer. Lastly I leave you with a statement android isn’t number1 fir no reason”.

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