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I am a huge Sting fan. When I was a kid, all I wanted to be was Sting. I was obsessed with him. I have really loved him so much and now I am 19 years old and I still love Sting’s music. But I think it was really hard to be Sting. I think there was a lot of scrutiny on someone like him. People like Sting, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, and all these people that I grew up loving, there was a lot of pressure on them. I do not think I want to live under that kind of pressure or scrutiny. I have realized that the musician I want to be is the drummer from Coldplay. I want to be the drummer from Coldplay so badly because he is richer and no one knows who he is.

             No one knows who the drummer from Coldplay is. He could be out on the street and no one would know! It could be that guy I saw walking down the Sukhumvit alley, it could be that guy I met at a bar, or it could be that guy who offered me a small bag of flour at my friend’s birthday party. I am not sure, he might be an Indian woman but we do not know! I am obsessed with the idea that this guy has the best life in the world. I was telling my friend about this and she portrayed it as a bad thing.

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             Apparently, he loves ‘Game of Thrones’ and asked HBO if he can be in ‘Game of Thrones’. HBO’s response was,    “Yeah man, you’re the drummer from Coldplay, you can do literally anything you want. We’ll restart the sopranos if that’s something that’ll make you happy.”

             He is in ‘Game of Thrones’, and as someone who loves the series, I know that the Red Wedding is an important episode to the series. Guess what? He is in the Red Wedding! Now guess what he is doing in the Red Wedding. He is the drummer in the wedding band. That is the extent to which this guy’s anonymity is; a borderline superpower. He is in the most famous episode of one of the most popular television shows in the world, doing the thing he is famous for, and no one noticed.

He is like a Keyser Söze! My friend was telling me that she read a supposedly embarrassing story that one of the actors told. One of the actors when they shooting the Red Wedding was making small talk with the extras. He got around to the drummer from Coldplay and said, “Are you a full-time extra?”

The drummer from Coldplay replied, “No I’m a musician,”

So the actor asked the drummer from Coldplay if he played on anything that the actor might have heard of. To which the drummer from Coldplay replied, “Have you heard all music? Because I am basically the drummer on every music.”

My friend was trying to tell me as if this was a sad thing. She felt pity for the drummer that he was in Coldplay but no one knows that he is in Coldplay. Is not that sad? No, because the problem with being in Coldplay, is that people hate Coldplay. People hate Coldplay so much. But when people say that they hate Coldplay, what they actually mean is that they hate Chris Martin. No one is angry with the drummer from Coldplay.

I know what you are thinking: why am I so obsessed with the drummer from Coldplay. There are two other people in that band, whom we do not know anything about them either. There is a guitar player and a bassist in Coldplay, I would not know them even if I met them at the backstage of Coldplay’s concert. Coldplay split the royalties equally. That means that they have the exact same life as the drummer apart from one detail. They have the exact same life as the drummer. They have the same level of wealth to access and anonymity. However, crucially, the drummer gets to sit down. And that is the dream.

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