The the grade. Recruitment Options Based on

White Paper and recommendations also needs to include a section on recruitment
options other than increasing the grade, relocation, signing bonus, student
loan repayment, etc. It is not all about the grade.

Recruitment Options

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Based on the current state of the 1102
workforce I (we) propose the VA establish Succession Development vs. Succession
Planning, being development experiences develop people!  The succession development would measure
outcomes, instead of processes and be realistic (high performing leaders with
unrealistic development expectations.) 
Today’s 1102 workforce environment is plagued by the retirement of Baby
Boomers, downsizing efforts and the continuous movement of 1102s from one
Federal agency to another for promotion opportunities and new experiences. As
1102s leave agencies, core competencies and leadership skills are lost, and
positions must be backfilled with talented individuals. Hence, the need for
succession development.


The VA Succession Development would reassess
the 1102s’ current grade position descriptions or create new position
descriptions that describe the 1102s’ additional work functions and complexity
based on changes in  business acumen as
required to support the VA’s mission, maintaining its competitive advantage,
and keeping pace with changes in contract management. The succession
development would include a workforce planning/analytic report, displaying key
drivers of 1102 workforce and how they impact the VA mission. A predictive
algorithm will assist in delivering accuracy such as:


•Future Headcount vs. Demand (projected
headcount vs. need headcount)

•Largest Future Position Gaps (1102, PMs,

•Leading Turnover Indicator: age, tenure, last
promotion/increase, years without promotion, performance rating, hiring method
(intern, direct-hire)

•Top Probability of Retirement in Next Five
Years – Employee List (age, tenure, performance rating)

•Talent Availability/Top Candidates – Internal
(tenure, performance rating, last promotion/increase)


Succession development is a strategic tool that
should be part of the VA’s framework for recruitment, retention, leadership
development, talent management, and compensation decision-making
strategies.  Given the fact that 1102 acquisition
workforce is critical to VA’s mission, succession development will help
leadership focus on developing high potential individuals to effectively
replace current leaders as that position(s) become vacant.


Recruitment Options Incentives

Award incentives could be used as tools to enhance
recruitment and retention in succession planning. Base pay progression can be
readily and sensibly linked to competency achievement and incentive pay to
annual results. By the same token, merit pay is intended to provide a system to
reward employee performance through increases to the base pay.


The Federal Government provides for within grade pay
increases, which is used as a tool to award performance during the performance
appraisal period as an alternative to cash awards for performance.


This system allows an employee to receive a step
increase in his or her base salary ahead of the given required time in years.
The system also provides controls so an employee cannot receive a merit step
increase and regularly-scheduled step increase in the same year. This reward
system should be individualized to allow an employee to choose the reward he or
she receives for outstanding performance.


For example, an employee could choose to receive a
merit step increase, time off award or a cash award based on the percentage of
salary for outstanding performance.



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