Locavores and shipping process, of the transportation

Locavores are starting a new movement, and it could ultimately be a good change for the community including the people who live there.           Locavores main purpose is to eat healthy organically grown foods, and with their movement they’re trying to better not just themselves but others health as well.  The locavore movement had been bettering the society and population for over a decade, starting in San Francisco California, where the idea of organic, healthy and fresh eating originated. According to the University of California, San Francisco’s Agriculture and plant sciences department, Eating locally preserves nutrients, and keeps the vital vitamins needed to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Another study at UCSF also found that Over 30% of the Vitamin B in food items,  is lost during the packaging and shipping process, of the transportation of  goods over the one hundred mile radius. Losing these valuable sources of nutrition in food items is only hurting the economy and the people who are consuming these “deprived”  products, as Vitamin B and C are the main source of nutrition amongst Citizens of the United States Of America. Being a Locavore means much more than just buying fresh, and organic goods, as it means the bettering the economy and the people in a society. The word Locavore, has a deep and Considerate Meaning.           The Idea of a locavore is someone who eats local grown foods, that are organic , and beneficial to their own health; however, the meaning of the locavore is much more diverse. According to Maiser Jennifer, of Source A “Local food equals Variety” . It’s often that people will go to the  same old name brands like Dole, Sprouts, or Costco; however, these company’s goods are shipped and packaged just like other goods that are deprived or sucked from their key nutrients. Local supermarkets have diversity, and offer several different kinds of organic and healthy food sources for people to enjoy, and to add on top of that they are never packed and shipped . ” Long distance will have short life” Says Maiser of source B. To elaborate on this idea, the farther the good is from the supermarket that it’s being placed in, the shorter the life it will have, and the more likely it will be to be picked up by a consumer; hurting the overall health of the area. The Locavore movement, never brings items from a far distance(outside of a one hundred mile radius) meaning that the locavore movement never sucks their  goods “Goods”.  Americans tastes are slowly being altered, and in such a way where they’re wanting the fresh foods over the processed ones. Locavores are also not rich high class people, but instead they are “ordinary middle income folks” (Source E). As a result of them noticing the shift in their tastes they did the unthinkable and revived the small farms. From the revival and the Farm Bill that’s set in place. Farmers are going to be able to get up to 75%  of reimbursements from their organic certification costs.         In all; locavores have a valid point when speaking about their movement, but at the end of the day it’s up to that person’s preferences about their food and whether they care enough to support and follow the locavore movement. 

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