The disastrous. The total melting of the

The likely
estimate of a sea level rise in Australia by the year 2090 is 42 to 82cm higher
than the levels predicted in 1986 to 2005. This level could increase, if a
limit is reached in the global system where the land based ice sheets- for
example the Greenland ice sheet to inevitable melting. It has a very low
probability, but it could happen, therefore it should not be ignored. If it did
happen, the consequences would be disastrous. The total melting of the
Greenland ice sheet would mean that it would add approximately 6 m to global
sea levels. This would mean the global mean sea levels would rise considerably.

The figure 2 below shows the projected sea level rise for major Australian coastal
cities. The coastal capital cities such as Brisbane, Darwin, Perth, Adelaide
and Sydney show a mean increase of 60 to 66 cm by the year 2090 for the high
concentration scenario and 45 to 47 cm for medium concentration scenario. 

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