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When an
organization has established its marketing mix and start to comprehend its
plans for the four P’s: product, price, promotion and place. It is very
important for it in corporate objectives and strategies for what the
organization aims to do in order to achieve its goals. Saud Bahwan Group is an
organization in Oman dealing vehicle manufacturing. The organization has become
great at branding and marketing its products, an achievement which does not
come easy. It’s all about its action plan in regard to meeting and
accomplishing its objectives (Kaplan&
Norton, 2014 p.40).

has become key of success in Saud Bahwan Group. The organization requires all
its candidates to be committed to the company, be hardworking and ambitious in
getting all details perfect. This makes Saud Bahwan Group recruit high-quality
workers from the other firms (Kaplan&
Norton, 2014 p.40).

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Bahwan Group is also known as a different organization in many ways. Instead of
promising both work and life balance, the organization emphasizes on hard work
for all its employees. Instead of encouraging career progression. Saud Bahwan
Group concept is for all its workers to own their career. Career path basically
does not qualify Saud Bahwan Group support, workers must seek facts about other
jobs in different units themselves (Kaplan&
Norton, 2014 p.40).


Saud Bahwan Group objectives (Churchill &Cooper, 2012 p.250)

1- to continue producing groundbreaking products. Saud Bahwan Group has set and
established its name by itself through its efforts of coming up with its
products with a new and exciting feature to the whole world

2- innovating and dictating the movement for future technology. Saud Bahwan
Group has it in mind that the consumers will always buy the next big and brand
loyalty is very hard to come by. Therefore, Saud Bahwan Group has always made
efforts to ensure it keeps pace with technology.

3- expanding nationwide chains of Saud Bahwan Group stores globally. This aims
at increasing the organizations sells substantially

4- making its products available in every other possible channel. This will
enhance its reachability and expand its markets. Such channels are, online and
Big Box retailer

Strategic Goals of Saud Bahwan
Group organization (Churchill
&Cooper, 2012 p.250)

regard to the latest Saud Bahwan Group mission and vision statements, the
organization has cited three major goals which are leveraging the ability to
develop and design, environmental responsibilities and finally to expand and
enhance. The first goal is a sub-section of the organization’s vision statement
which is to be an organization that spearheads innovation.

second goal is a continuous one because for any organization to keep a stable
competitive advantage, world class integration and innovation through their
goods and services is a necessity to enable the organization remain above their
competitors in the market.

on the third goal which is enhancement and expansion of the organization, the
organization has highly invested its resources on research and development. For
instance, the organization has its investments in research and development for
about $3billion hence providing the crucial role of expansion and enhancement
in line with its mission and vision statements.


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