Authorities at the controls of a CICPC

Authorities arrested five members of what they call a terrorist cell, and may have killed Oscar Perez, a self-proclaimed rogue helicopter pilot who tried to spark an uprising against President Maduro.A helicopter fired on Venezuela’s Supreme Court by one who works for Venezuela’s FBI, flies helicopters with precision skill and is now the country’s most wanted man. Oscar Perez, a former cop turned rogue agent who helped launch a gun and grenade attack on Venezuela’s Supreme Court on Tuesday from a stolen helicopter.President Nicolas Maduro branded the attack a ‘coup attempt’ and ‘terrorist attack’ before demanding a manhunt for the perpetrators – including Perez According to his Instagram, which is littered with pictures of him wielding guns and modeling stylish outfits, Perez is an investigator with the specialist CICPC force, a tactical pilot and specialist K9 trainer, with ‘a passion for my country’. From the outside his life has all the trappings of an action film.It is perhaps no surprise that he starred in a 2015 movie called ‘Muerte Suspendida’ (‘Suspended Death’) in which he plays a cop sent to rescue a wealthy hostage from a gang. Perez was pictured in action in the skies above Caracas yesterday as he launched his attack, clearly visible at the controls of a CICPC helicopter as other masked militants dangled a flag from the door which reads: ‘350 Liberty.’¬†Perez also published several videos of himself standing in front of his fellow fighters, in which he delivers his reasons for attacking Maduro’s government.Finally on Monday the police surrounded the terrorists’ house in Caracas, they were captured or killed that pilot was among them but there were no official confirmation. Some people say that the police did not give them an opportunity to negotiate or surrender however; they shot while the police were trying to negotiate them. Maduro threatened and declared that they will confront terrorism with military force.

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