Useful times. With the two items, precise

Useful innovation is vital to any
generational change. Advances in technological development is shaping up a
society which has been taking issues fatefully. A large number of people in the
wider social and economic forum are relying on old and accustomed way of doing
thing. This is creating a challenge when one introduces a new way of doing
things in an efficient way within less time. Human ingenuity has been tested to
limits. Humans have continually came up with new methods. This has met
different reactions, as other fights against the new ways so that they maintain
the status quo. Many have worked positively and developed structures under new
innovations which are creating more easily procedures and working hence
reducing operational cost and giving better pays than accustomed ways. One is
left with only two options, choose to adopt new innovative ways established or
dwell on old ways. Any way taken leads to predictable fates.

             Tensions has reigned between
groups and persons promoting innovating ideas and the one who feels comfortable
of old ways. Each group explains itself. The importance of its continual
dominance and existence.  Innovation
expertise have to juggle about the needs consumers have and the changing times.
With the two items, precise projections are made which ignite ideas of making
efficient ways of working out things differently than before yielding better
and quality results.

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             Interesting to note is that the
laws of demand and supply does not change equation on economy, when new ways
are employed. I would rather expect some influence but it doesn’t. Current and
changing innovations introduced in market require intuitive social education about
the new way. People ability to take new things is different thus different
perception of new ideas. This, hence makes demands and supply balance not to
change.  I would normally believe that
new innovative ways changes market balance. It will create a need of a product
which is easier to use and reap good results. I slightly distance myself from
explanations of Calestuos Juma on this.

             Indigenous ideas users always
finds it difficult to accept the inception of alternative ways. In this they
use many unwarranted ways to fight back to remain. This has drawn war in many
newer ways. In some instances newer innovations have lost to older ways. Many
people will stand with what they know and have used, than theoretical
explanation and proposed changes to consumers upon using new products.

                 Politics has always been key
on throwing baseless tantrum to back step newer way. It has been left to
opinion makers in the society to decide what is better for the society and what
is not. If it’s argued against in political arenas it definitely spells doom
for any effort to promote any new thing.

Distinguished brands, stands always. Any negative narrative does not
last. The appropriateness with ease to use the product makes it thrive in any
social or economic setup. This is clearly noted between the old product and the
introduced product. If the difference is notable and is felt by consumers, the
product prevail despite backlash from divides. If the product introduced raises
slight doubts on its ability to do better than the already known product, it
will only stand one fate. Refusal.

                     People who makes the
majority have always won, if a technology is accepted by many it will define
and succeed despite hiccups it brings with it. Calestous Juma acknowledges this
as a positive. I believe it can be a forced narrative to distract. Is not good
to believe such. The society should seek to explore the introduced technology
and decide according to how they serve their needs. People should be left to
explore and test new ways introduced and get results without being stated to of
the newer ways. This will brings about of all inclusive way taking everybody

                Juma finds,” risk aversion;
negative externalities; how a ‘technology fits political and social uses; and a
basic philosophical objection to manipulation of nature for human benefit”
to be major risks and distractor of constructive innovation.”

Society will always seek and venture in ways associated with lesser
risks. They will always play safe. Technology which uses less resources will be
used by many than the one which add more resources on what one was using
basically. Political inclinations and social issues will prove difficult
elements to work on. One can easily loose a logical fight if politics and
social issues come to play. Sad and very true. Accepted nature ways and
patterns draws negative attitudes from people when they are told to abandon the

                Margarine encountered an ugly
campaign as Juma explains. Dominating competing companies obtained documents to
bar Margarine Company from employing its newer way of production. This puts its
venture on newer way at a standstill. Ottoman Is prohibited from printing the
Koran. These injunction derails good ways that benefits the society.

              New technologies have been
accused of disintegrating the existing social forms. Some jobs are eliminated
as other newer ones are created. Tension envisage any new technology
dispensation due to beliefs held by certain social forum.

               Educational forum fails to
achieve their aims due to assumptions that society is ignorant of new
technology. They fail to address the needs and expectations of society.





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