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DRRAY24 believes in connecting technology, data and people seamlessly. So we are closely working towards bridging the gap between healthcare providers and the end-users in the country by providing smarter, safer, faster, innovative and tech-driven solutions.




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We at DRRAY24 offer healthcare solutions without boundaries and complexities by providing right care at right time.


Medical Excellence


We ensure medical excellence to end-users by providing access to passionate, caring, highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses.


Latest Technologies


We provide smarter healthcare solutions with cutting-edge technology to treat patients more efficiently to remain healthy.



Maintain Your Medical Record


Tracking and maintaining health record is vital for everyone. Get access to your prescriptions and medical records on the go.. at any time and anywhere with ease through digitization of records.



User Features


We offer comprehensive product portfolio with deep knowledge on healthcare space and strong technology expertise to the users. Users can access their records only just clicking the button.


è Highly user friendly platform.

è Smarter, safer and accurate solution.

è Check prescriptions any time, anywhere.

è Users can track & maintain their health records.

è Time saving with no paper work.

è Get appointments any time, anywhere.




Doctor Features


Grow your business through powerful digital solutions by getting wider client base across the country and customized product to manage all your records at the centralized location.


è Can save time with user friendly interface.

è Can get faster access to patients’ records.

è Can check details of daily appointments with patients.

è Can track & maintain records of new & existing clients.

è Can provide prescriptions online.

è Can refer patients directly.




Our Pricing


Expand your practice with us at realistic prices



What Our Patients Are Saying


1). Thanks a ton DRRAY24! It’s always a pleasure booking appointments via your website.  I like your philosophy of providing healthcare solutions without boundaries and your continued dedication towards providing timely & quality services. I am also appreciating your long term relationship building with clients.


2). I sincerely appreciate your instant & time saving service, and will not hesitate in recommending your website to my family, friends and colleagues. Moreover, I will not hesitate in taking your service from time to time in near future. Your entire process has been so simple and amazing! Thanks again.


3). Wow! DRRAY24 you have made my life so easy. I can check all my prescriptions on my smartphone and can also make my daily diet control chart on it.


4). I can get direct appointment from doctors and hospitals of my choice, with no waiting long queues.. You are really bridging the gap between doctors and patients. Keep it up!

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