Ever Tulane Law’s impressive commitment to providing

since my family nearly lost our home due to a deceitful uncle, it has been my
goal to become a public interest lawyer. I am interested in attending Tulane
Law School because of the dynamic and interdisciplinary education it fosters
and its demonstrated commitment to supporting students in their preparation to
practice public interest law.

am especially drawn to Tulane Law’s impressive commitment to providing legal
services to the poor and underserved through its pro bono program. I have been
inspired by the remarkable resilience of low-income individuals my entire life
– my family lived off of food stamps for several years upon arriving to America
from Hong Kong, and every legal setting I have worked in has consisted of a
clientele that is primarily low-income.

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admitted, I hope to actively contribute to the Criminal Justice Clinic. My
experience as an intern at the Orange County Public Defender’s Office was what cemented
my interest in pursuing a career in public interest law. Although being able to
interview clients who could not afford representation on a one-on-one basis was
very rewarding, my role was quite limited, and I look forward to the
opportunity to take part in the more advanced aspects of the criminal defense
process such as trials, plea negotiations, and case strategy.

also have close family ties to New Orleans. My older sister Sunnie is currently
completing her MD-PhD degree at Tulane University School of Medicine, with
plans to complete her residency there as well.

In conclusion, I believe that Tulane Law School is a perfect fit for my learning
style and professional aspirations. Its extensive clinic and field placement
offerings, particularly in pro bono and public interest, will allow me to
contribute my experiences and ideas to the school and surrounding communities
in the most meaningful way, both as a student and eventually as a committed

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