The Ayutla Revolution was an insurgent movement.

The Ayutla Revolution was an insurgent movement. The reason for the uprising of the Sumerians was the dissatisfaction with the dictatorship of Antonio López de Santa Anna, who, taking advantage of the abolition of the federal Constitution of 1824, ruled dictatorially.This had a big impact in Mexico because although Santa Anna did some good things, he also did some bad ones. Santa Anna did everything for power and for his own benefit. As a result, Mexico lost half of its territory. Ley Juárez restricted the power of the military and military courts by allowing them only to be involved in matters related to the church or the army.This had a huge impact because it got rid of the feuros. The military and clergy no longer had special privileges and they were all equal. It provoked Alvarez to resign. General Comonfort rose to the presidency at the beginning of December 1855.Ley Lerdo restricted civil institutions and the church from owning property that isn’t owned in day to day operations. For example, the Church could have the church building but not a piece of rural property. Ley Lerdo also stated that only those that had money could buy. Even if you had a little bit, they encouraged you not to because you would be threatened. The impact of Ley Lerdo was that land was taken away from the indigenous people  because the land couldn’t be owned by the indians (individuals had too). The land was then auctioned and taken away from them. You can see the impact everyday. You never see a rich indian in Yucatan. Ley Iglesias stated that the poor were not going to pay for anything inside of the church. (baptists, burials, marriages) However, those who were privileged had to pay for all of it for a reasonable price. This later caused the Church to diminish its power and earn less money. Registration and administration of events was now handled by the civil officials. It separated church from state and also secularized schools.The Constitution of 1857 was a fight between the liberal side. Very liberal against the moderate liberal. It emphasized individual liberty and the property of rights. Equality before law and freedom of speech, press, petition, assembly, males education. It also abolished slavery and  titles of nobility and guaranteed rights to carry weapons. The major impact of the 1857 Constitution was the freedom and equality for the liberals. This was mainly because of the abolished slavery and titles of nobility that allowed liberals to have more rights. The War of Reform was a civil conflict during 1851 and 1861 which was affecting Mexico. Mexico was left bankrupt therefore they began to sell more territories. It was convenient to sell them to the rich because they would get more money. There was a big part of the mexican population such as the army, servants, and policies that were not paid. There were burned haciendas, neglected fields, potted roads and unrepaired bridges. The soldiers couldn’t find work and they were frustrated. There was inefficient transportation which caused commerce to be motionless which then lead to no money.

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