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My definition of the American Dream is when someone is able to live happy through the achievement of something they’ve long sought out for. Examples of personal achievements would be a career that’s both well paying and enjoyable, a nice house, a significant other, and children. A similar reference to the white picket fence.In the first TED Talk presented by Paul Piff, he states that “…the American Dream is an idea in which we all have an equal opportunity to succeed and prosper, as long as we apply ourselves and work hard” (Piff 9:52). I agree with his definition of the American Dream because everyone who lives in America should have the opportunity to be happy with their own success as long as they push themselves to achieve it. My definition of the American Dream and Piff’s definition are very similar because we both see how hard work can lead to one’s success in the future, which can grant them happiness. I feel like people who get things handed to them don’t really experience the American Dream because they don’t get that satisfaction once they’ve accomplished something great. As presented in the video, wealth changes a person’s personality. Wealthy people feel as if they’re superior to those who have less money than them. For example, when they were experimenting with car laws, nearly all the wealthy people broke the laws because they felt as if they’re kings and the pedestrian was a peasant and that the king shouldn’t wait or stop for someone beneath them nor should they obey laws. With this thought, it clouds their minds and forgets that others have emotional feelings as well. Instead, the wealthy should be more respectful and less of a show-off towards those who aren’t as fortunate as they are.In the following TED Talk, Courtney Martin claims that “The “new better off,” as I’ve come to call it, is less about investing in the perfect family and more about investing in the imperfect village…” (Martin 12:40). Martin was trying to express how living with multiple generations can improve relationships, and as well displays the healthiest, happiest, and safest citizens. I disagree with Martin on living intertwined with neighbors because there wouldn’t be much privacy or peace and quiet, and chaos may erupt more often. If multiple children were present within the neighborhood then they could cause chaos which will then disrupt the peace and quiet. On the other hand, I agree with Martin when she said: “…the art of living well is often practiced most masterfully by the most vulnerable” (Martin 3:12). To me, “most vulnerable” refers to those who aren’t wealthy. I feel like their thoughts aren’t clouded by greed or selfishness and they still understand how to care for others. They know the struggle and how hard they have to work in order to achieve their version of the American Dream.

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