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The decline of the Plains Indian Culture was a combination of many small things that would inevitable have large effects on the plains we see today.  The two things that had the biggest impact on the Indians culture was the loss of the buffalo, and the division of the land for reservations.The loss of the buffalo had immense impacts on the Plains Indian Culture. The Native Americans used all parts of the buffalo; the used the skin for protection from the wind, clothes, and for coffins, they used the meat as a major food source, and the bones were turned into bowls and spoons.  This way of life all changed when the railroads brought in a new type of hunter, the civil war veteran.  These veterans were crazy about guns and the buffalo were a perfect target.  Hunters harvested the buffalo for its hide and began shipping them back East.  30 million buffalo were killed in little over a decade. The primary resource keeping Native Americans alive gone.  Facing starvation they are forced onto reservations.Indians were sent to large areas of land in Nebraska and Kansas, where the US army hoped they would peacefully settle. There were some tribes that peacefully excepted this fate, but others resisted.  These tribes were constantly in battle with the non-Indians.  One example of this is the Sioux Indians, they refused to be kept in reservations.  But when gold was found in the area, Colonel Custer set out to hunt down all the Indians not in the reservation  This led to the Battle of Little Bighorn, where Custer underestimated the strength of these Indians, and in return lost his entire 7th cavalry. This win was short lived however, because shortly after it 300 Indians were slaughtered by American troops at Wounded Knee. Thus ending the Indian resistance; the Plains Indians were moved into reservations throughout the next decade.As you can see there were many small things like led up to the destruction of the Plains Indians Culture like the railroad, gold being found, and the battle at Wounded Knee. But the two things that had the most monumental impact on the decline of the Plains Indian Culture were the loss of the buffalo and the division of land for reservations. When the buffalo were all gone the Indians didn’t just lose a food source but a way of life. They tried to hang on  after this loss but once the reservations were introduced their culture and way of life was gone forever.

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