I book is that you need to

I have never felt as
inspired, hopeful, motivated and optimistic before as after reading Florence
Scovel Shinn’s book “The Game of Life and How to Play It”. In this book we are
taught that life is a game and when you treat it light-heartedly as a game it
becomes easier and more fun than thinking and experiencing life as a struggle.

The author presents
success and prosperity as traits which we can control ourselves depending on
the vision we have for the world and the hope we have in our hearts. All we
have to do is release out supply through our spoken words said of course with
faith. It is usually the “faith” part that becomes the stumbling block because
it is very hard to believe in something that you have never experienced. The power
of the spoken word is very well described in the following sentence from the
chapter “Law of Prosperity”: “We know now, that words and thoughts are a
tremendous vibratory force, ever moulding man’s body and affairs.” (Shinn 1925,

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Another lesson I learnt
from this book is that you need to retain your subconscious mind to focus on
positive thinking and positive words. You connect and are one with “the energy
of life” when you can align your subconscious mind with the perfect ideas of
your super-conscious mind. Your negative words will also have an effect on your
health. Continually allowing negativity in your life will bring about disease, a
body and mind not at ease with itself, “Man’s only enemies are within himself.”
(Shinn 1925, 14) It is important that we continually send out good vibrations
and our best wishes to everyone – even if it is someone who we see as
competition or our worst enemy. We can only get back what we give out and no
one can harm us if we continually send them blessings and good thoughts.

I believe all of the wisdom
and lessons that can be extracted from this book can be put into practice when
leading a group of people towards a common goal and striving for excellence in
being a leader. The power of the spoken word has a huge impact on results. If a
leader continually pictures and talks about the results that need to be
achieved and describe the perfect output to his followers, it is much more
likely that the final result will be closer to the perfect output. The more the
followers listen to the leader talking about what could go right and not about
what could go wrong, the more they will believe it is attainable and will be
more willing and motivated to do their best to work in this direction.

People can only receive
what they see themselves receiving. In other words, visualize and believe. Have
faith that you will receive it and that it will happen the way you desire it to
be. Act as if it is here and believe nothing else no matter what your reality
is showing you. Your mind and thoughts are free so use them wisely and often to
support you in achieving your goals. 

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