I things beyond people’s imagination. Engineering is

I have always been amazed by all the machines around us and how they work.  and by the way all these cars around us were designed.my interest in engineering increased as i grew and started to understand how all the cars around me moved so fast and after i joined roots which gave me greater opportunities for developing my skills and interest in engineering. When i was a child i always wanted                                                           All my years in roots I participated in all the science expos and joined robotics clubs as. As it was time to apply for the university i chose LUMS as it was one of the top universities in pakistan and by knowing from seniors around me i got to know if i want to learn more about my subject LUMS was the best place for me.
 during my O levels along with my studies i concentrated on different projects related to my subject. I with the help of my friends came up with a project build a car out of scrap. Purpose to to do that was to show everyone how to build a cost efficient vehicle in Pakistan.
Becoming a engineer is a dream of many as engineers are most important part of a countries economy. They build things beyond people’s imagination. Engineering is a subject which help you study about things which are out of people range.
Having Physics as my favourite subject Moreover, I have been attended deferent science expos until i started managing . I actually reckon my admission in LUMS help me get an even better knowledge on my favourite subject.. In fact, I enjoy learning new things, and being surrounded by students from different parts around the country might get me new ideas and that would all be beneficial for me. 
Apart from that, studying in LUMS free me, somehow. I will be more capable of organizing my time without being held back by family obligations. It will bring about a more independent person out of me that can work his way through life with a lot of her own effort.
Finally, I hope that by studying from your university is going to serve as the ultimate base to the journey I am taking to achieve my dreams towards a successful engineering career.

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