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According to a study by research firm dscout the typical cell phone user touches his or her phone 2,617 times every day. Addiction.  Everyday there are new signs of dangers to social media. Addiction, Predators, Cyberbullying, Hackers, Privacy, and locations, are many of the dangers that come with having social media. Anxiety, depression, sleep disorders, inability to focus, zero peace of mind are some effects of a smartphone addiction. About 48% of those who spent five or more hours a day on their phones had thought about suicide or made plans for it, vs. 28% of those who spent only one hour per day on their phones. professors at two business schools in Italy and France made giving up one’s smartphone for a day a requirement of the students in their courses. Most of the students felt some degree of anxiety. They didn’t know what to do with the extra time. They also noted how often people who did have phones checked their phones—one student pointed out that his friend checked his phone four times in a 10 minute period. Another danger are predators. On Tinder and Snapchat meeting people is easy, yet some can be predators. A missing Texas teen may have run away with a “much older” man whom she met through Snapchat, according to her family. The man she has been talking to is a predator, who has apparently been manipulating her for some time, and in her current state of mind, she believes that he is her friend. Before she vanished, the 15-year-old left a note saying she may head to California, where the older man reportedly resides. Cyberbullying is another danger from social media, with it causing 4,400 suicide deaths per 42% of teenagers with tech access report being cyberbullied over the past year. Out of the 25 people in my class, 10 people could have been cyberbullied in some way. Hackers that interfere with your privacy are also very dangerous. 55% of teens have given out personal information to someone they don’t know. 2/3rds of adults with social media in the U.S. have been hacked.Location is another major danger with social media. Sharing your location or taking photos not at your house could lead to murder. 2 girls who took photos at a train track posted it on snapchat and a murderer found them. There are so many other dangers to social media, but it is not all bad. It is a way to connect with your friends. Even with all the dangers there are even more ways to be safe.

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