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In the case study of BoldFlash, we have learned about the
challenges BoldFlash has being having in their mobile division and throughout
the company. The company has faces difficult challenges which has affected
their every work task activities. From the articles we learned that the area
which are having this functional challenge are marketing,
manufacturing, product development and sales. This was the reason why Roger
Cahill was brought into BoldFlash as a Vice President and his responsibility
will be to fix the disfunction within these departments. One of his main job
will be to put in place an effective way in which these department can
communicate and collaborate with each other. Cahill will need to introduce an
effective and productive communication and strategy process, this will be the
main priority of the company so that they can meet their marketing and sales

As Each department needs to collaborate with each other,
technical communication is taking place. These departments should be able to
work alongside each, they should also be able to organize themselves to be able
to maintain productive and performed so that the company can be able to operate
in an efficient manner. If this company was able to communicate effective it
will help to eliminate downtime and conflict within departments.

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 Mobile division will
have required diverse tools of communications and collaboration to make sure
that department are working together as a unit. This department is involved in
the product development, and it needs to be able to work side by side with the
marketing and manufacturing for inputs and
outputs for their product they are developing. To create a consistence
framework of collaboration and communication that will be effective a unique
strategy must be implemented.

Communication training is the most important, is having
information diverged, heard and understood, good communication is can be
described as clarity and conciseness. Communication addresses the questions
who, what, when, where, why and how to the subject of discussion. All
departments in BoldFlash depend on communications from various departments.

   Karl Melzer who is the Director of
Product Development, has the responsibility to communicate such event using
certain guidelines can be acceptable in technical communication within bold
flash. Many departments within the companies can access the new product
documentation for different reasons. When you take a closer look at the product
documentation, the sales and marketing, technical support and departmental
managers are the audience of this communication. Although the sales and
marketing team are in a low-tech group of audience and they know the product or
familiar with the company and its products, they have less or little or no
understanding of the complex technology (Gerson & Gerson, 2017).). Although
they may understand technology jargon, it is still necessary to communicate in
a plain format to give appropriate information. For example, is the case study,
Karl used this abbreviation “SSD”, he is allowed to use such
abbreviation but he must also state what that stand for or give the full
meaning in the beginning of the memo. By giving the full meaning, he can
eliminate any downtime or misunderstanding in advance.

The Marketing department use the product documentation to
communicates, to create brochures, advertising and other methods to reach out
to customers and potential customer and the sales department would also need
this product documentation created by the marketing team to educate and informed
their customers about the company products. Every department needs to have a
proper understanding of product produce by the company so they can effectively
do their jobs. In the case study, the memo on the product description does not
clearly explain the product and in the absence of such information the customer
can be misinformed. The technical support team is can be considered as a
high-tech audience because they have a good understanding of technology aspect
of the company’s product the technical abbreviations is easy would be easily
understood by them.

In the upper Management level of the BoldFlash departments,
each manager has a different level of knowledge. There is a mixture of both
high and low-tech individuals or audience. Whenever they a memo or documents
are being considered while creating writing communications thus abbreviations
and acronyms should be clearly defined (Gerson & Gerson, 2017).

As a whole the management team must be kept in the loop of
all new products developed by the company, documentation is needed for
different purposes. Another example, the finance department can be considered a
low-tech audience. Finance team would need such information to track
expenditure, the manager of the R a high-tech audience should be aware of
product information being communicated to the entire company. The departmental
heads use the product information for different purposes like product cost
budgeting, scheduling employees to meet manufacturing times, providing
stakeholders with answers to their questions. Therefore, providing every
department with these technical communication is necessary to keep the entire
BoldFlash company abreast of its products.












Now let us take a look at the Memo and Product description
which was written by the director of product development Karl Melzer, about
BoldFlash #D45-v3.21, a solid-state disk drive. This memo was created for
multiple audience in BoldFlash company. If Karl was going to be using technical
jargon and abbreviation he should have define these. On the first page you can
see that abbreviations of Total terabytes (TBW) and C for Celsius in
temperature, this can be described as a good way of writing to a multiple
different of audiences. Some area of this memo was unclear and lacked the
necessary information required by the audience. For example, the writer stated
that the product would be released this week, this does not tell of any specify
or particular release for the audience and this can be misinterpreted.

On the next page of the product description is unclear and
not concise like the first page, the itemized list was replaced with paragraphs
that lacked conciseness, abbreviations in the document were not clearly defined
e.g. GRMS that referred to the product vibration. This product description
appears to be for the high-tech technical team who can easily understand these
jargons though the name and release date of the product were not identified,
the technical team may still have a hard time supporting clients and the
sales/marketing team will not have a due date for their materials in the








This memo is lacking a targeted communication because the
audiences were not clearly defined. The case study looks like it was written
for a high-tech audience considering the jargon and abbreviations instead of
the multiple nature of the proposed audience.


The Memo lacked responsibility and accountability, in the
absence of a specific release date, the audience (recipients) of the document
wouldn’t not know the due dates. The manufacturing team doesn’t have specific
due date for completion of the product, the marketing team will have a
timeframe to start creating mediums for advertisement and technical support
department will remain oblivious of the need to anticipate customers who would
probably need help for the new product.

A part of the memo said it would be changing the format of
the product description and the write further said that he trusts that everyone
saw the example. This is making presumption that everyone in BoldFlash
departments understand what he referred to. This was unfounded and unnecessary
thus the product description and the memo where inconsistent in Internal

The Memo also lacked call for feedback neither did it
include any information of expected feedback from the audience.

On this report, I have a rewritten sample of the product
description and Memo that should embodies the standard of communication in
BoldFlash guidelines.





This report was trying to explains ways to improve the new
product documentation written by the director of communication Karl
Melzer.  Let us start with a well writing
technical communication clearly identifies the audience. For example, who the
information is directed to. Karl Melzer’s memo was written to all heads of all
departments, though it said managers of all departments but it doesn’t
specifically mention their name and this will have created confusion. In my
version of the memo, I stated the departments the information was meant for
which were the sales/marketing and technical support team.

On the Subject field I addressed the memo to read as
“Product Description”, this subject does not specify the name or
model of which of the numerous product from BoldFlash the writer was referring
to, though the body of the memo talks about the solid-state drive 32-100. This
addresses the “what” of the memo.

To improve clarity of the memo, the reason for communication
must be stated. From the memo from Karl Melzer, there was a product description
but it does not give the audience the explanation of the location of the said
description, in my rewrite the introduction of the memo needs be more concise
and direct and the number of documents attached to it can clearly and quickly
grasp the intended information. This will address the “where”.

To address the “when” of Karl Melzer’s memo, it
says that the product will be released later this week. This statement can be
interpreted in different ways so to make it clear to the audience, so on my
training document I have included a release date for the product for the
manufacturing team and the date of availability to customers. The release date
is very important to all departments of BoldFlash to be able to meet deadlines.
The marketing team need it to plan product sales, manufacturing need it to plan
their input and output accordingly and the technical support need it to
dedicate more personnel to support customers as soon as sales begin so failure
to provide these departments with proper timelines can disrupt the flow of






















18 Commerce
Boulevard                    Manchester, New Hampshire


From: Karl Melzer – Director, Product Development

To: Sales/Marketing, Technical Support, Manufacturing

Subject:           Re: New Product Description –
Solid-State Disk Drive. Model (32-100).

Date:               January 24, 2018.

As you all have heard we have a new
Product Information for a new Solid-State Disk drive (SSD), model 32-100 which
is now available. In this attachment you will find documents of the New Product
Description and Technical Support details.

This product will be schedule to be release to the
Manufacturing department on February 20, 2019 and it will be ready to sales on
March 2, 2018.

The finalization of the product design is still pending so
you will be provided with the updated product information as soon as the
product design is complete.

Further question should be directed
to me.

Karl Melzer

Director of Product Development

BoldFlash Corporation

18 Commerce Boulevard       

Manchester, New Hampshire


[email protected]











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