Hello, found out that I was not

Hello, my name is Shams

I´m a 16 years old girl. I´m a teenager. Teenagers feels the same. Many teenagers feels like they´re different from others or that they´re all alone in this world. They feel like no one understands them, and I know that because I´ve been there myself, but I found out that It was not just me; I found out that I was not the only one. Rarely you´ll hear about teenagers who commit suicide because they can´t handle the feeling they have, that feeling that makes you cry every night until you fall asleep. But there is also some others that end up committing a crime, because their friends were like “come, let´s do this” because teenagers love action, but he/she didn´t want to commit the crime she/he ended up committing, the reason why teenagers commit crimes is for different reasons, like if they steal, it´s because they can´t afford to by the things they steal or because they´re really bad at saying no to their friends they commit a crime with.

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The teenagers, who has blood on their hands, have it for a reason. I´m not saying it´s okay to walk around and take another person’s life, but it could be for a reason like if a guy finds out his girlfriend cheated on him, the guy gets so mad that he doesn´t think straight, he sees red and end up killing them both.

After my opinion, I do not think that teenagers, who commit crimes, are bad people. I just think that they need to be heard. And I think that they are misunderstood. If a guy kills his girlfriend because she cheated, doesn’t mean that he hates her or that he´s a bad person, he´s just hurt. But there is some people in this world we live in that kills others because they´re mentally ill, and I feel bad for them, because they can´t think straight. I do not think that anyone in this world is a bad person, they probably just have some problems with themselves and it could be the way they grew up at home.

But at the end we are all humans, some of us are just misunderstood

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