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How One Invention Changes Firearms ForeverHave you ever wondered how guns have gone from being single shot muzzle loaded guns to guns that load by a single casing that has everything in it? Instead of having to load it by putting in the powder and putting a bullet in which takes longer than just putting a casing in?The Dreyse needle-gun was invented by a gunsmith in Germany. The person responsible for inventing the modern breech-loading gun was Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse. It was the first modern breech-loading firearm and it was also the first to use bolt action and was named after the way the firing pin was shaped. The firing pin was a needle which punctured through a paper casing that held the powder. When the trigger was pulled, the needle hit a percussion cap, connected to the sabot and made the powder burn from the front to the back to fire the bullet. ( change to breech loading made the gun faster to reload. This made it possible to be used by the military because it was faster to use than the common firearm at the time, which was a muzzleloader that required loading powder, wad and shot into the barrel.Prussia began using the breech-loading needle-gun for military service in 1848. It was heavily used in the Austro Prussian war of 1866 because the breech loading mechanism made it possible to fire six shots quickly. The Austrian counterpart took the same amount of time to reload and fire one shot as it took to fire six shots from the new breech-loading gun invented by Dreyse.  (Hickman “Dreyse Needle Gun”).The invention of the breech-loading mechanism is still being used today to make modern breech-loading firearms. The most common actions used with breech-loading are break or bolt.  The breech-loading firearm has changed because the needle-gun used a paper casing that fires an acorn-shaped bullet. Modern firearms have a metal casing that can have a centerfire or rimfire primer. The metal casing also has the powder inside of it. The powder burns from back to front and fires the bullet from the casing, unlike the original needle gun (“Back to”).The breech-loading firearm technology continues to be used today in making military rifles and hunting rifles. The breech-loading mechanism has changed because the firing pin has changed from a needle that pierced through a paper cartridge and developing a pin that either strikes a rimfire or centerfire primer (The dreyse needle gun).The invention impacts me because, without the invention, modern shotguns or rifles may not have been able to be invented. Without this invention, there would only be muzzleloading guns. I am a game hunter and without the changes, hunting would be a lot more complicated. For one, I would have to carry more than just cartridges to reload and it would take me a lot longer to reload my gun after I fire it. This invention also has brought about the invention of long-range rifles and guns that can be used for various types of hunting wild game from .22 caliber rifles to 12 gauge shotguns. It has also allowed me to do trap shooting as a sport because it lets me fire 25 rounds, one after another without stopping to prime my gun.  

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