October safety such as tourism and foreign

October 7th, 2001 marks the
start of the War in Afghanistan, code named Operation Enduring Freedom.

However, 17 years later, a more adequate name seems to be Operation Enduring
War. The effects of the conflict have been calamitous and multitudinous and as
expected, the political and military turmoil have made the Afghan economy
extremely volatile. Even prior to the 2001 invasion, Afghanistan was considered
country and has consistently ranked amongst the poorest in the world, however
the war destroyed most of the existing infrastructure and sent the country in a
worse spiral of decline. In the past decade, the economy has been largely
dependent on foreign aid with the international community being “committed to Afghanistan’s development, pledging
over $83 billion at ten donors’ conferences between 2003 and 2016″2. In order for
the economy to improve and progress, a secure environment is necessary as many
sectors are directly influenced by safety such as tourism and foreign
investment. Furthermore, from the one hand the repeal of international troops
in 2014 meant that the conflict was ending, but from the other hand it meant
less foreign aid and a more insecure environment for foreign investment. Since
then, “Afghanistan’s security
environment has continued to deteriorate, with the increased crime and conflict
holding back business and consumer confidence from recovering fully from the
impact of the security transition in 2014 that saw large numbers of foreign
troops leave.”3
This translates to the majority of the population suffering from lack of food,
housing, clean water, electricity, and jobs.

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order for the economy to grow, the right conditions in two different but
intertwined aspects need to align: Firstly, the uncertainty around the presence
of international troops needs to subside, especially concerning the U.S.

strategy for their troops in Afghanistan. Secondly, the Afghan government needs
to deliver the right combination of fiscal and policy reform. Although the
international community is committed to aiding Afghanistan’s population recover
by pledging in 2016 “an additional $3.8 billion in development aid
annually from 2017 to 2020″4,
this help will only be effective if a number of challenges are overcome such as
high levels of corruption and poor public infrastructure. After thorough
research, I have come to the conclusion that the economic situation in
Afghanistan is improving marginally and President Ahmadzai seems dedicated to
fighting corruption, however all reform takes years to implement and the
country is doomed to remain dependent on foreign aid for the foreseeable near

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