Laiken Ilyich. Watch emphases pain and misery

Laiken BladowJanuary, 18 20176 hourMr. Neison John Taverner When john Tavener was in his early twenties he became a well known figure. He had thin hair and a deep stair. The reason he was like this was because he had marfan syndrome.  In the 60’s his popular music was modernistic spiritual work. In his orthodox church was the inspiration for most of his music. Some of the songs being his seven hour vigil, The Veil of the Temple. A Lot of criticise where against him I quote ” The Holy Minimalistic” because of some of his his ” relaxing classics” and calling cheap and basic. Most of his music was Spiritual music made to make people think.  “He wanted his music to tap into a region beyond conventional understanding”. He wanted to make people feel the love of god and hear God’s voice. In 2007 he suffered a heart attack in switzerland and survived Barley. During this time he his time in recovery he started to listen to different music that before didn’t interest him in the slightest. Such as Beethoven, Karlheinz Stockhausen  and rediscovering the music that had inspired him to become a composer as a child, Stravinsky and Mozart.Some of the last music he wrought was his version of Tolstoy’s nihilistic The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Watch emphases pain and misery dew to his heart attack. He said “Having pain all the time makes me terribly, terribly grateful for every moment I’ve got.” and he was joyful. He later died at the age of 69 as one of the most popular British classical composer of the late 20th and 21st centuries in his home. The Veil of the Temple was one of his longest and what he considers one of his favorite achievements in life. It lasts about seven hours and in not going to lie I listened to only bits and pieces of it because I need sleep. Its using verses from St. John’s Gospel. He went beyond Christianity and embrace Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism and the religion of the American Indians so they could all feel his love. Every single voice has its way of showing you one of the religiones. The link i leave you is one part on the seven hour long version. The Death of Ivan Ilyich is based off of   connection between death and the meaning of life watch at the time was what John Tavener was writing about the story is about a lawyer who is self-interested, opportunistic, and busy with mundane affairs. He has never considered his own death until disease strikes. He composes a song following the life of the lawyer and himself combing the to get The Death of Ivan Ilyich. I could not find the original but i could find it played by different people it is about an hour long and i liked the Veil of the Temple more but that is only my opinion  that is not what the critics thought but at the time The Veil of the Temple was written was when critics thought he was lazy and could do better.John Tavener was referred to as Sir John Tavener and he got most of his inspiration from the English metaphysical tradition in a work like the Donne Sonnets in the 60’s.   In the 70’s and 80’s The Orthodox well he was still fulfilling his  post at St John’s, and was immediately asked to make a setting of the liturgy in English. In the 90’s Mother Thekla and music from around the world was his major inspiration. His work in 2000- 2010 was about his pain from the heart attack and life being his own inspiration from his life experiences

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