YouTube balances with regard to the advertisement

YouTube medicine advertisements are nowadays creates
a power full danger for humans. Without knowing the correct details of the
medicine, blindly people trust these kinds of advertisements. Although in
countries like the United States of America and New Zealand, drugs to be
prescribed by medical practitioners are allowed to be advertised directly to
consumers and are regulated by the respective department of the Government in
charge of drugs in the country, the same practice is not followed or encouraged
in India. It is clearly visible by the nature of the function that there is no
opportunity to share information related to a drug with a consumer directly by
manufacturers or importers in order to prohibit self-medication.

However, it is suggested that if the Act is amended
in a manner to include activities, which educates the patients about drugs, it
will encourage them to understand the procedure involved in the treatment administered
upon them by the medical practitioners and will ensure patient compliance of
the drugs prescribed to them and more importantly will assist in removing
social stigma that is associated with certain diseases.

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 According to
Indian constitution in India, the system of regulation, in order to provide
checks and balances with regard to the advertisement of drugs, is provided in
the Drugs and Magical Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954
(“Act”). Section 3 (d) of the Act provides that “no person shall
take part in the publication of any advertisement referring to any drug in
terms which suggest or are calculated to lead to the use of that drug for the
diagnosis, cure, or prevention of any disease, disorder or condition specified
in the Schedule, or any other disease.” It can be devised, from the above
provision that publication of advertisement of drugs are subject to scrutiny of
the above mentioned section 3 (d) of the Act in India. Therefore, publication
of any advertisement referring to any drug in terms which mentioned about any
kind of diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease,
disorder or condition specified in the Schedule or Rules of the Act are
prohibited in India.

In India, it is very easy to get a medicine without
doctor’s prescriptions. Majority of the products which are advertised are with
no conditions and not according to any medical experts. The advertisements
companies are not even given any data or medicine details. And also the
advertising companies are misleading people by giving these advertisements to
help the big branded hospitals and medicine Production Company.

 Doctors don’t want to lose
patients. They don’t want to say no to patients. They are forced to see more
and more patients more and more rapidly. It’s faster to write out a
prescription than it is to try to talk with patient and convince the patient
that he or she may have been manipulated by these advertisements. And in
addition, the doctors themselves are manipulated everything, and they have
bribe from the drug companies. The drug companies are using every common people
and they are actually playing these people lives.


According to Indian constitution Drugs and Magic
Remedies, act 1954, says about advertisements in India. It prohibits
advertisements of drugs and magical remedies that claim to have magical
properties. The law prohibits the advertisements of drugs and magical
remedies for inducing miscarriage, improving or maintaining the capacity for sexual
pleasure, correction of menstrual disorders, preventing any kind of disease or
any condition mentioned in an included schedule.

                      Medicine advertisements are
supposed to be educating the public. But how many are there in our country.
Even banned Medical Ads are still in YouTube, but no authorities are checking
these kinds of advertisements.   

  “We have
many laws, but how many of us are bothered of these types of relavant issues?
Because of that, misleading and harming medical advertisements are still
continuing in India. And also authorities don’t care about patient lives. There
is no point of showing medical advertisements in YouTube. It is not that much relevant
or important. These kinds of advertisement are not creating any positive facts
among people but creating negative impact and danger because not only educated
people, but many illiterates are seeing those ads in YouTube.” Raksha Prakash,
a Professor of Law stated her point of view.

India is known as the pharmacy of developing world. But if this system
is continues then India’s medical world going to be worst in coming decades.

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