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According to some research, either doing exercise or playing sports basically benefits human health throughout their life, especially children. The sooner children approach sports, the more positive their growth. More and more parents and schools want their children to be aware of the effects of sports in life.  Playing sports in schools and universities not only helps the students improve their health and attain the athletic scholarships, but also allows their universities become famous with great sport teams. Moreover, it is encouraged in many schools because it has been become an important part of every university in the U.S.. Not all students are going to do great in classes, but they may be good at playing sports, and that also might lead them to become a good athlete in the future.Throughout the century, sports have become an important industry in the United States. In the education system, the benefits of physical activities are indicated clearly, such as teaching the students habits of obedience, discipline, determination to win, willpower, etc. Specifically, sports help children develop their physical and mental health,it makes them become healthy adults, improve teamwork skills, take care their health, try their best when dealing with difficulties, and learn to lose. Moreover, nowadays, students are under pressure because of the development of education but lacking of physical activities. Consequently, many graduates and professionals are weak and have poor physique. It raises the issue that not only is the mental development important, but physical activities also play an essential role in the education system.  Students are mostly required to take at least one physical class in each term in schools. “All students in grades 7-12 must receive a minimum of 400 minutes of physical education instruction every 10 school days” (California Department of Education, 2017). Except for the students who are not able to do heavy physical activities or have medical problems, most students are encouraged to take physical classes in schools. Plus, in order to attain enough credits to graduate from universities, students usually register in physical classes to study instead of other academic classes . Some universities request the completion of a compulsory physical classes from their students due to their major. For instance, “physical education is a graduation requirement for Columbia College and engineering students at Columbia University and most of the Aviation Academies in the world require their student whose major is going to be the pilot to pass the physical class” (Physical Education Requirement, 2013).In middle and high schools, students are encouraged to play sports, such as American football, basketball, soccer, wrestling, etc. Moreover, they are given many options for physical activities, which can be in classes, working out at local gym or doing sports after school. It has become an important part in schools and many parents believe that their children will be positively affected when approaching sports. However, high school sports have turned into big business when people have began to pay more and more for stadiums, TV,  internet broadcasting revenues,and  coaches. “The money began slowly pouring into high school sports in the 1980’s when local networks, along with ESPN, started featuring high school events, especially football” (Koba, 2012).  It causes a problem that the students prefer focusing on sports instead of academics.In colleges and universities, as the sports industry becomes bigger, many sports are suggested, such as soccer, American football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, swimming, etc. The sports have become somewhat more violent than in high schools. Intelligent youths prefer to play a sport that will serve them when they are old than trying temporarily their best with the sport which they can not play after college period (Eliot, 1908). Many competitions have been occured in each season in colleges and universities and it leads to the consequence that students are focusing more on sports than studying. Therefore,  most of the colleges and universities are allowed to have approximately no more than two contests for each sport a season. A purpose of this business is monitoring the performance of school teams all over the country in order to look for talent players and offer them by favorable opportunities and some athletic scholarships. Eventually, the business is highly interested by the development of athletic sports in colleges and universities and they start to invest in athletic scholarship and make it become a business (Physical Education Requirement, 2013).  Athletic scholarships are basically hunted by amatuer athletes in high schools and universities so that their requirements tend to be known as much as other scholarships. In addition, based on the current grade levels, the business recruits the athletes in the colleges and universities all over the country. The athletes are required to be between 17 and 24 years old and no further than the 6th Semester at university. Plus, they have to be successful in the right sport and it can be demonstrated simply by the complete picture of an athlete including the history as a player, successes, athletic skills, etc. Finally, academic background is essential requirement, all applications have to be high school graduated. The sports divisions also require the students to take the SAT (college admission test) to be cleared in the licensing and admission process. Good grades in classes are also necessary to have the opportunities to be accepted by colleges and increase the scholarship amount as well (Sports Scholarships, 2017).  The impact of athletic scholarships strongly affects on students in many colleges and universities in their life and education. Based on the Journal of Issues in Intercollegiate Athletics, The research of Petrie and Stoever in 1997 says they found that Scholastic Aptitude Test scores positively affected with female student athletes’ academic success and the social support was positively related to academic success among freshman female athletes (cited in Medic, N., Mack, D., Wilson, P., & Starkes, J. ,2017) . Another study of Simons, Van Rheenen, and Covington (1999) demonstrated non-cognitive predictors of student athlete academic success, Gottschalk and Milton then found that female student prefer having higher collegiate GPAs than male student athletes (cited in Medic et al., 2017). Specifically, with the viewpoint of collegiate athletes, research has proven that intrinsic motivation (IM) and extrinsic motivation (EM) are important to understand motivational processes in sport establishments .The IM means doing an activity for its inherent pleasures is better than having some consequences. On the other hand, EM demonstrates the behaviors that are typically done not for their own benefit, but to achieve some individual goals,such as receiving a reward, avoiding punishment, maintaining contingent self-worth, etc. Finally, a lack of motivation leads to the absence of IM or EM and it is considered as a main point of misunderstanding motivated behavior. It is recognized that the behaviors have no control over the consequences of a person forces another individual control determine behavior (Medic et al., 2017).  Another point of the continuum is the introjected regulation, which mentions the behavior that is enhanced through internal pressures, such as guilt or anxiety that force participation rather than voluntary association (Medic et al,. 2017). In society, the athletic scholarships are considered as the best way to cut down college costs. Even though the number of students who are having the athletic scholarship is not as many as other scholarships, but it is easier to achieve in schools. The athletic scholarship has become and alternative option to help the student save more money in their life.Some people think that sports and the athletic scholarship raises few controversial issues between the primary purpose of school and becoming a huge business of sports. First of all, the benefits of athletic scholarships now not only belong to the students but also can be considered as an interesting subject by the companies. Because the businesses are highly interested by the development of athletic sports in colleges and universities, they have established the athletic scholarship more and more and make it into a real business. Money has been begun pouring into the schools since four decades ago when the social media started to maintain athletic events in schools( Koba, 2012). Many contracts have been signed to broadcast the competitions, matches, contests of the sports in high schools and colleges. The more money that is invested in the athletic scholarships, the better the collegiate athletes( Koba, 2012). They are coached professionally and they might earn money as an expert athlete. The matches become worth as the professional matches and the companies profit from it.  With the enhancement of social media, rising ticket price and rapid expansion of sports in education system, the collegiate athlete is considered to have an enormous potential. It leads to an imbalance between the university and the student-athlete when the athletic scholarship becomes more attractive than ever. The relationship between the student and the university has changed from academic subject to business, like since athletic scholarship awards are getting bigger than the academic purposes. Consequently, the parents are afraid of the wrong objects of their children. Since the primary purpose of universities is academic, but more and more students prefer spending time playing sports to doing homework.  On the other hand, not every student is going to do good in classes, but some are gifted in sports. Even though their work in school is not as good as other students, they prefer spending many hours practicing a sport that they like a day. Many people want to pay a lot of money to their favorite athletes. Due to the high price of the tickets, media attention, and the investment of the companies, the salary of a professional athlete might be much as a manager of a big company and the collegiate athletes is not much lower than that. For instance, according to, the average expected salary for a typical professional athlete in the United States is approximately $33,403 per month, so half of the people who are working as the professional athletes in the United States earn these wages but this number might change due to the variety of factors (Professional Athlete Salaries, 2017). Athletes are not always paid more than CEOs.Obviously, the athlete deserves their good income because it is not easy to be a famous athlete and the pay can vary. Each sport is different in how they pay their athletes, and the difference in salaries from one player to another can be in the tens of millions of dollars (Professional Athlete Salaries, 2017). They may have to work much more time than others, harder than others, wake up sooner than other and have injuries in progress. Moreover, they have to face with the negative situation that they might become a handicap forever when competing. Based on statistics in the United States, more than 3.5 million injuries each year among 30 million children and teens who are playing sports (Sports Injury Statistics, 2017). Although football is one the most popular sports in the high school and colleges, it seems to be more dangerous than other sports, such as swimming, tennis, basketball, etc. However, all types of sports potentially cause injuries. Even though the death from sports rarely occurs in high schools and colleges, brain injuries from the related injury in progress usually leads to consequences. About 21 percent of mental traumas among American children is caused by sports and athletic activities (Sports Injury Statistics, 2017). The average American will retire between 65-75 years old, but a professional athlete will retire sooner than a officer who sits in front of a computer all day long.These kinds of problems may cost a retired athlete a lot of money to make their lives livable. Finally, not only the professional athletes but also collegiate athletes deserve the money because they have to sacrifice for successes.Sports and athletic scholarships play an important role in the education system, it has become larger and popular in the U.S.. While sports are required in many secondary and high schools, the development of athletic scholarships have been a huge industrial business in the universities. Even though many controversial issues have been mentioned, they seem to fail when the enhancement of sports and athletic scholarship in an educational environment doesn’t stop growing.

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