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In this short mini guide you’ll learn what it takes to become what you’re destined to be. You are here because you want to grow your motivation, stop and put an end to procrastination and get your life back on track. You don’t have time to lose. Stop whining and get motivated. That said. I am going to share quick tips to inspire you to achieve your goals. And help you get your life together. Let’s get started.Why Growing Your Motivation Will Change Your LifeLife is goals. There is nothing else to it.  That is life. Happiness is goals. Growth is goals. Motivation is growth and goals. When you’re not growing you’re dying. You’ll see it in your life when one is dying. Our career crumbles down, we’re unhappy, we’re unsatisfied with our income. That is why it’s important to have goals and reap the beautiful things life has to offer. Life is abundance for those with goals. Life gives them happiness, joy and independence. There is nothing worst in life then an individual not having goals in life. What’s even worst is being broke, unhappy and goal-less. You must have your goals. Goals is life.  If You have no goals you die. The Most Important Factor in Growing Your MotivationYou must have the willingness to go after your goals. There is nothing worst than waiting for it to come to you. Goals don’t have legs. So, you must have the will power to move and you have the ability to walk. After you have master the willingness and drive to seek what you dream the next thing you must do is stay. Stay until you have reached your goals. You cannot start a goal and not finish it. Even if it’s not done completely at least finish the race. Questions to Ask Before You StartYou have to ask yourself what do I want to achieve in life? This is a big question to ponder. Give yourself an answer that will inspire you and move you. What is even important knowing the answer to whom you’ll become. There is nothing worst than a nobody. Think a little and become somebody, anybody. How to Find the Right EquipmentThere is no extra equipment needed for success. You have arms and legs. That is all you need. You already hold in your possession the strongest tool in your tool box, you. The only thing needed from you is to write down on a piece of paper who you want to become and what you want to achieve. You must achieve something in life or you’ll die a terrible death emotionally. Transform your everyday life. Become somebody better, somebody with value. And those people who become somebody or achieve something always have the right tools with them “a plan”.  How to Prepare Your Motivation There is no way to prepare your motivation but to just do it. Got out there and do not be afraid to receive a few punches in the gut. Go face the world make a plan and put it into action. Just Go do it!There is no preparation for motivation. Either you do it today or never. Motivation does not wait for anybody. Once it comes put it into action. Once it arrives use it. You cannot postpone motivation. If it was so, then it would be sold in a can. You could buy it anytime and anywhere for a $1.99. What to ExpectExpect great results with the right plan. If the plan does not work create yourself a new one. If it does not work, then try try again. Paper and pencils are cheap but your dreams are worth a million. If all fails borrow your neighbors plan at least he’s doing something right. Mistakes You Should AvoidDon’t be lazy! Avoid this friend at all times. He is not your friend. If you comes into your house and eats your food kick him out. He doesn’t want you to succeed. Get rid of him. Carry your plan with you at all times. Takeaway Take your plan seriously. This post is comprehensive nooo! It’s simple. Just get a pen and paper, figure out who you want to become or achieve and put it to work. Stop postponing things. And lastly enjoy the journey. Growing movtiation does not have to be hard just get rid of all those people who can’t wor won’t help you. If you have to get rid of your old self do it. Learn to put your new you to work. It’s that simple and see how you’ll reap rewards. Stay motivatedRicardo OrtizFREE RESOURECESWant more motivation in life? Get my free motivational worksheet that includes the 7 powerful questions that have changed my life which spark the energy in me to work on my goals. Click here to get your copy.I would like to hear from you. Leave a comment below About The AuthorRicardo Ortiz is a licensed clinical psychologist and a self-development writer . 

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