My the last 2 years of college.In

 My impetus to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering stemmed from being a witness to the proliferation of communication devices and networks into a ubiquitous entity.Certain subjects such as Internet Voice Communication, Wireless network, Mobile Communication System, Telecom Network Management, Computer Communication Network, Digital Communication and Optical Communication Network and their related practical laboratory engagements provided an excellent grounding in the concepts and application of these basic concepts. Moreover, my active role in IETE student forum also served as a key enabling prerequisite for fostering a desire to pursue a career in Communication and Wireless Networks.Underpinning this future vision, My teammates and I worked on ZigBee protocol and Wireless sensor network(WSN) in the last 2 years of college.In 3rd year, we developed and implemented a Power Monitoring and Energy control circuit for simple electric appliances. In our final year project, we implemented a prototype of Hybrid VANET (Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network) integrated with WSN using Non-autonomous robot cars equipped with XBee S2B RF modules, Arduino processors and Ultrasonic sensors that act as mobile nodes that form a mesh network to exchange messages and display warnings and distance measurements effectively to perform cooperative intervehicular collision warning and detection.These projects augmented my core research skills of finding a motivation to solve a real-life problem, formulation of a problem statement, conducting Literature Survey, proposing a system that qualifies basic sanity, analyzing the methodology used, implementation and debugging for an objective oriented result and defining a future scope for the same.My current work profile of LTE protocol test engineer at Reliance Jio Infocomm entails key tasks such as analysis of complex data traces between UE-enB interface, test case execution based on VoLTE device generated LTE protocol traffic, debugging  anomalies and finding  root cause for the same and also coordinating with chipset and device vendors for solutions and fixes.My responsibilities also include performing conformance, functional, vendor incubation, stress and regression testing and analysis of 3GPP LTE specification for VoLTE devices.This has helped me gain domain knowledge of EPC, E-UTRAN, IMS network elements and also familiarised me with the STLC cycle across multiple platforms.To ease into my role, I was also provided with extensive training in Fronthaul and Backhaul of Network elements present in IMS and LTE

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