not nucleus, leading change • Step 3:

not fit with modern thinking of being continuous and it is a chaotic process in which great
flexibility is demanded. Lewin`s model is a logic model that shows the chain of transformations
that an organization must go through in a situation at a desired period.

2.2.2. Kotter eight step Model

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Kotter (1998) developed a model which should be used at the strategic level of an
organization to change its vision and subsequently transform the organization. Each phase lasts
a certain amount of time and mistakes at any phase can impact the success of the change.
• Step 1: determine the urgency of change
• Step 2: form a strong nucleus, leading change
• Step 3: create a new vision
• Step 4: notify all new vision
• Step 5: empower others to act on the vision
• Step 6: create a short-term win
• Step 7: maintain state of emergency
• Step 8: anchoring changes in corporate culture (strengthen change)
Finally, to make any change stick, it should become part of the core of the organization. If you
lose the support of these people, you might end up back where you started.

3. Methods

According to McKinsey&Company research, 70% of organizational transformation
efforts fail significantly short of fulfilling their change vision. I have combined the key
learnings from various articles and stories from great organizations about the strategic change.
The present study is based on the secondary data. strategic change has dominated the theory
and practice of change management since Kurt Lewin`s work. In 2002 J.Kotter came up with
a new idea related to the change process, because they are available for analysis which
influences their thinking. Collection of data, analysis and presentation of data are important
elements in the process of change, but change behavior analysis is the one that pushes people
into a process to feel the change. 

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