Heading a much more thoughtful plotline. The


Heading into the fifth year after it’s release, the PlayStation 4 still
has a strong lineup of titles. Arguably, it has the strongest lineup of any
console and the most anticipated (and pre-ordered) exclusives. The following
five titles are the most likely to impress any PS4 gamer in 2018.


Detroit: Become Human – One of the most controversial PS4 games to
date, Detroit: Become Human is brought to us by the same team behind the
innovative Heavy Rain for PS3. The release date is currently unset, but a late
Q1 to early Q2 release has been promised.

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Set in Detroit, as the name suggests, the game focuses on the lives of a
handful of androids as they attempt to understand their own brand of humanity.
The main draw of this title is the story-focused gameplay. Following in the
footsteps of other Quantic Dream games, players will be given hundreds of
choices which will influence the outcome of the game.



God of War – The classic action series, God of War, is back. Yes, the game is
named “God of War” even though it’s the 4th game in the
series and the first has the same title. However, given the direction the
series has been taken, refusing to tack on a number might be a smart choice.


While the gameplay and theme remain largely the same, the new God of War
title is rumored to have a much more thoughtful plotline. The reasoning behind
this change? The main protagonist of the series, Kratos, is no longer alone- he
has a son to raise and protect.



Monster Hunter: World –  Set
for a very early Q1 release, Monster Hunter: World for the PS4 allows, for the
first time, players from all over the world to play online co-op. In fact, the
co-op appears to be the main focus of this monster hunter title.


With this title, Monster Hunter fans will be treated to enhanced
versions of all the features they’re used to. The large, open world will have
no loading screens or zoning and effectiveness in battle will be determined
almost entirely by a player’s skills, equipment, and ingenuity rather than a
base class system.


Kingdom Hearts III – Kingdom Hearts may be one of the most
beloved franchises of all time. The last main-line game was first released in
2005. Now, 13 years later, Kingdom Hearts III is coming to the PS4.


Aside from the obvious graphics overhaul, the gameplay seems pretty much
the same from the previous titles. Not only will this game use a number of
original and nostalgic characters, many of the recent Disney titles like
Tangled and Big Hero 6 will also receive the Kingdom Hearts treatment.


Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Recently delayed to the end of Q1, the
second title in the Ni no Kuni series, while being set in a world with the same
feel, is not a direct sequel.


The game has an open world, distinctive art style, and a soundtrack
composed by Joe Hisaishi. The basic gameplay and battle system should feel
similar, with the small addition of magical creatures called
“Higgledies”. Beyond the basics, players will also be able to direct
the development of the kingdom in small ways.



Need More New PS4 Titles?

There you have it- five of 2018’s most anticipated games for the PS4. If
that’s not enough for you, consider that there are also a handful of games
without definite release dates that might surprise all of us with a late Q4
release. That could mean seeing a return of “The Last of Us” or
something as new as “Death Stranding”.

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