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The present research work is
more dedicated on Composite materials as they meet industrial, automobile and
house hold requirements with better mechanical properties contrasted with the
solid material which are barely accessible now a days, that’s the reason all
the researchers are eyeing on composite materials, though they are heterogenic in
nature but application wise they perform much better compared to original

The composites with single fiber
reinforcement gains or you can say improves the property of the base material
but moreover at particular percentage limit the reinforcement to the base
material fails to improve the property to further extent, rather it  decrease its strength which made the
researches to go for hybridization of composite which considerably increase and
improves the performance of the material beyond the single fiber reinforced
composite that is intended to developed for suitable application.

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 A composite material is made by combining at
least two materials to give a unique blend of properties, one of which is made
up of stiff, long fibers and the other, a binder or ‘matrix’ which holds the fibers
in place.

The matrix material may be the
thermoset or thermoplastic and the reinforcement being the fiber or the
particulate. The matrix material is a base material and the reinforcement may
be natural or synthetic depending upon the property requirement and on the
application where it is used and most importantly economical and eco friendly.

If the composite has more than
one reinforcement it is said to be a hybrid composite material and upon
researches it is concluded that not more than three reinforcement for any
thermoset or thermoplastic matrix is used, more than that will not yield a
better property and hence not suits to any engineering or house hold

The brief introduction to the composite material
is given below with more concentration on polymers rather than on metal or a
ceramic as the current thesis work is made on the natural polymer composite
that too on the hybridization of the polymer composite materials which finds
the application in all engineering and general purpose requirements of the
present situations.

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