This One person had emergency to handle

This week assignment was
to get a school, family, or community leader to interview. I interviewed my
friend N’dia Wicker she is a community leader. I asked to her meet me in the
library at our school on January 18, 2018. During the interview we went right
into the questions, there was 3 questions I had to ask her about the leader
that she is. The first question was what is a leader asset, her responds was
having the ability to motivate and inspire any one I can that will accomplish a
goal to help the organization. The second question I asked her was how can a
leader fail and tell me about the time you failed as a leader, the answer was
that a leader can fail by not getting their group to get on the same
understanding by getting the goal done. N’dia gave me a great explain by
letting her team no that she talks about how different challenges can be hard,
but you have a setback. She let people give their honest opinion during the feedback
to ensure that you learned from the failure. 
My last question I asked her during the interview when was a time you
were not able to meet a deadline what did you do, she answered by having an
example, there a was big project her and others had to do by a deadline she
gave an everybody an assignment on how things was going to get done. One person
had emergency to handle and she had to assign somebody else to get the project
done. Even though she had somebody bail on her she also had a backup and that
was a good leader. Although the project was complete it was past the due date.
N’dia motivates me every time I talk to her about anything, so I decided to
pick her. I learned a lot by seeing other people leadership styles. Its fine to
fail but also have a setback. I am in ROTC program here at Fortvalley State and
it really help me improve my leadership skills. This questions that I picked
out help me understand on why there is a leader in every situation. Somebody
must step up to the plate rather it is a hard or easy challenge. By having this
assignment, it has made me to understand why I am a leader in my own way.

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