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In this paper, I am going to talk about child labor. I want to discuss the following question; How does Europe impact child labor? I chose this subject because it is a topic that I want to know more about. When I buy clothes or food I sometimes think about the cheap prices and what people and children have to do to make these products. In this paper, I want to learn about child labor and how it is connected to human rights and development. Because these are topics that we learned about in class, during the Global Politics course. 

First I am going to do some research to learn more about child labor in general because I do not know a lot about this subject yet. I think it will be a very interesting topic because it is a new topic and I can learn a lot about it. The only thing I know about child labor is that it is a bad thing and of course what it means. I want to know how it started, why it exists, what organizations in the Netherlands try to do about it and of course how Europe impacts child labor. I want to look at the positive and negative sides because there is always more than one perspective on a case.

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After my research, I want to teach children about child labor. My goal is to find out if younger children know what child labor is, and what they know about it. My plan is to create a playful lesson in which I can learn the children how Europeans illustrate child labor and to ask them a lot of questions about their knowledge to help me with my assignment.

The engagement that we have to do this year is a lot more than last year. That’s why I also want to interview an organization about the work that they do to help or even prevent child labor. The focus will really be on the impact that child labor has on the EU. I have already searched for some organizations and I wanted to contact Unicef. Unicef is an organization that works together with companies and the government to prevent child labor. Unicef also works together with other companies and tries to persuade people to buy products which are not made by children. Another organization that I found is called Terre des Hommes, stop child abuse. This also is a good organization because it is focused on child labor in more detail. They also might know more about the impact that Europe has on child labor because they have an influence themselves as Europeans. 

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