Newly right to be worshipped but Allah.

Newly revert muslim will be tested by Allah. To know
how firm is their believe in Allah.

Allah says : Do people think that they will be left
alone because they say we believe and will not be tested.

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The tests are result to know who are sincere muslim
and insincere muslim. The best level in heaven is called Al Firdous. One to
reach that level has to go through much difficult test’s. Prophet’s were tested
the most. Prophet said :-If Alllah loves a people he tries them and whoever has
patience will have patience, whoever is anxious will be anxious. ( Reported by
Imam Ahmed, Saheeh al Jami,1706)

Allah says, we should test you with something of fear,
hunger , loss of wealth, lives and deaths but give glad tidings to As –
Sabirin. ( the patience ones)

As soon as you become a muslim all your previous sins
are forgiven and you start a blank state and a complete clean record.

Umar al – Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him said:
one man came to prophet Muhammed (saw) and asked ‘o’ Muhammed Tell me what is
Islam? The prophet replied, Islam is to testify that there is no true God
except Allah  and Muhammed (saw) is the
messenger of Allah, perform the  Salah,
give Zakat, Observe Fasting of Ramadan and performed the Hajj if you can afford
it. Then the man asked what is Eman? He said: Eman is to believe in Allah and
to believe in his angels, his books his messenger’s and to believe in the final
day and in al Qadar and in its good and bad consequences. Then he asked tell me
what is Ihsan? He said: It is to worship Allah as though you see him, yet he
sees you.

A newly revert Muslim can gain knowledge of deen by
following this 3 level of deen: Islam, Eeman and Ihsan.

Every level consists of certain articles.

The pillars of Islam

The first pillar the two testimonies of Faith.

The first testimony, that none has the right to be
worshipped but Allah.

The conditions of Testimony:

It should meet the following conditions for it to be
accepted by Allah:

1.    Knowledge

There is no God to be worshipped
except Allah. Allah is the only one who deserves all types of worship such as
prayer, supplication etc.

2.    Certainty

There is no room for a person to

3.    Acceptance

One should accept the testimony fully
and not reject it.


person must do what Allah ordered and abstain from what he prohibited.

5.    Truthfulness

6.    Sincerity
of worship

7.    Love


Pillar : Salaah (prayer)

is obligatory upon every muslim to offer 5 daily prayers it is the backbone of
the religion; without it one’s Islam would not be complete.


Pillar : Zakaah ( Charity)

is a certain percentage of money which a rich muslim gives to the poor and needy
to save them from the humility of begging. It is compulsory on every muslim to
pay. The amount to be paid is 2.5% of the amount collected over a period of a


Pillar: Fasting

muslim must fast one month in a year, which is Ramadan. Fasting is a struggle
between one’s soul and it’s craving’s and desires.


Pillar: Hajj

Hajj is the
pilgrimage to Makkah. It is obligatory on every muslim, if they have physical
and financial capability.   

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