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Under a dove grey sky, the color of my world shined my winter coat, each hue darker and richer than before. I remember it snowing around me and how beautiful the scenery looked from its flower sleeping and the trees showing their lofty arms. The snow path sparkles like a diamond and the sound it makes when you step on it is like sugar underfoot. I adore the outside nature and if I wanted to be left alone then Big Bear is the place. Big Bear is the type of place, you’d want to remember when you’re 70 because the terrain is extraordinary glamorous to sight. The view there could knock the soul out of your body just from staring at its beauty of nature. You can chillax inside of a cabin, sitting next to the window while drinking hot tea or chocolate as you embrace your inner hipster while you watch the tears of the snowy clouds, sink down to the ground done by gravity. The best part is when it’s nighttime, all those movies you watch or a book you read when it displays/illustrates your favorite characters, adoring the outside while it’s dark all just comes real once you experience it yourself. The stars twinkle as if they’re sending small morse codes to greet us with a cold but warm welcoming. The small spotlights come in various shapes and size which is the best part because it reminds me of us, human. Yet, no matter what planet, what galaxy, or what universe any small creature may be on, those fiery lights streaking across the skies in diffusing blue streaks will always be there. Other than it’s looks and prepossessing surroundings. Activities could be creatively made just from your ideas. Luckily for Big Bear, it does allow the feature of playing with snow. You can make a snowman, build a snow fort with an assist of your mates or family, make crowds of snow angels, it’s limitless! Heck even start a snowball fight! If you’re the adventurous type, go for a hike with your friends, explore and discover new things, take selfies if you want to remember those moments. But there’s always the lazy ones. Thankfully you don’t have to do the things I just mentioned. You could just watch Netflix, play on your laptop or chit-chat with your friends and families while sitting cozily next to the fireplace. Finally, I’d recommend spending quality times with your family and buddies that you invite along with. Who knows, it might be the last time you get to see them. It could be in a good way or bad way but other than to say I’d start setting some memories that you guys can both remember together. A good conversation starter too, “Hey? You remember when we thought that white bear was a yeti?”. Just from hearing that, you guys can talk about it, laugh about it, joke about it and memorize those moments. Otherwise, you two just be strangers. Traveling is a good thing to have beside you. It physically encourages you to comb the unknown and go out more to see this thing called “Life”, but without any plans of going somewhere, it’ll all be useless. We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty and charm meaning there is no end to the adventure we seek through our eyes. That’s why I nominate you to check out Big Bear. It’s fun and exquisite, gives you a reason for an adventure and seemingly bring all those you invite together as one. Though the question, I’m still wondering is: Have you ever touched snow?

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