All throughout history, religious tension and humans natural want to be able to express one’s own individual religious beliefs have played a significant part in most societies that have risen, fallen, and progressed over the course of human history. People’s own personal beliefs have caused conflict all over the world, to the point that almost no country, person, or society is safe from ideas that oppose their own. Because all individuals have their own perspective and interpretations of religion, it becomes easy intentionally or unintentionally contradict ideas and beliefs of others because of the many different possible ways that they have defined and practice religion. Religion does not have a certain definition, and can be defined as any individual deems fit. This freedom of definition only becomes a problem when people begin to push their own personal definitions of religion or standards of belief on to others, causing either a blind follower or an angered warrior ready to protect their belief systems. Humans inability to accept others individual religious beliefs is due to their natural egocentrism and constant need to conform to the wants of others, in order to feel a sense of belonging in a certain community. It is human nature to live one’s life driven by one’s own personal ego. Throughout an individual’s life, their ego provides them with a sense of identity that they believe completly encompassaes their true selves. Individuals link certain characteristics of their lives that they believe play a significant role in making than unique such as religion and political stand points, with the word “I”. “In everyday usage ‘I’ embodies the primordial error, a misconception of who we are”(Tolle 27, A New Earth) providing humans with a certain false sense of self identity affecting their everyday lives and the way that they perceive reality itself. A person’s sense of self is manufactured from the way that their egos perceive reality from it’s own one point of view. Humans natural egocentrism negatively affects the way that they accept or understand any ideas or beliefs that are not strictly their own because they are identified with particular concepts that comprise their separate self as an independent entity.

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