Background financial, administrative, social, and mechanical issues,

Background ( The
Phenomenon/ The Context ) :

The core
phenomenon that caught our attention was the “Rapid rise of urban waste in
Bhubaneswar” evident in semi developed localities and developed localities.

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In view of the
fast paced economic growth in the city standing at number 1 in the list of
Smart Cities to be developed as per the Government of India’s Smart Country
Mission, there were a lot of sites that were racked up with  infrastructure of the highest quality but no
visible waste management systems resulting in an unclean environment. This on
brainstorming could be accounted to a plethora of reasons but to find out what
exactly are major contributors towards unmanaged waste and management would be
an interesting find and field of study.

Quick increments
of urbanization, monetary development, and populace development have been
considered as goal factors that impact utilization, which thus create an
expansion of civil strong waste (MSW). MSW incorporates various types of
issues, for example, natural, financial, administrative, social, and mechanical
issues, which cause various issues going from squander age, gathering, transportation,
treatment, and transfer . With the consistently expanding pattern of waste age what’s
more, the greater multifaceted nature that accompanies it, neighborhood specialists
everywhere throughout the world, particularly in creating nations think that
its hard to deal with the immense measure of squander while they need to
discover approaches to limit unfavorable impacts.


Bhubaneswar despite
being at the apex of the smart city list, stood as low as 87th
position in terms of cleanest cities of India for the year 2017.


Key Issues of the
Phenomenon/ Context

disposal of waste

awareness on the importance of disposing waste suitably

growth of city

systems for waste disposal

stress on cleanliness in educational institutions

population in the city

growth in real estate

of the waste

Treatment plants


In Bhubaneswar, segregation, transport,
collection as well as disposal of solid waste are unscientific more often and
really chaotic. The uncontrolled waste dumping on the very outskirts of the
city has created a lot of overflowing landfills, which in turn have had huge
impacts on the environment in terms of soil pollution, groundwater
contamination, and air pollution. It also a significant contribution towards
Global warming. In the absence of formalized segregation practices for waste, recycling
is pegged as emerging only as an informal sector which used technology that is
outdated, causes health problems that turn out to be dangerous for the

Public participation in waste
management and minimization in a highly developing city like Bhubaneswar itself
is unfortunately receiving very little attention.

strong waste administration (MSWM) is one of many orders related with the
controlling of MSWM forms from age to transfer in a way that is in understanding
with the best standards of open advantages in terms of wellbeing, financial aspects,
protection, style, and ecological contemplations, which is responsive of open
dispositions. In the least complex sense, MSWM consolidates squander
administration progressive system by thinking about direct and aberrant effects
2. In the previous couple of decades, neighbourhood experts and related partners
have put more consideration what’s more, mindfulness on viability of MSWM. In
any case, the gave MSWM benefit does not go in the same pace with expanding
measure of waste. Thus, inadequate of MSWM has turned out to be a standout
amongst the most genuine


Topic (Issue)


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