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Contents :

Meaning Of Terrorism

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• Terrorists

• Cause Of Terrorism

Types Of Terrorism

Facts About Terrorism

How do the terrorists worked?

Which method adopt terrorists for money ?

 • Hiroshima &
Nagasaki Attack (1945)

to terrorism


Terrorism :

The future use of fighting or the danger of
violence against civilians in order to attain goals that are political or
religious or ideological in nature; this is done through intimidation or
coercion or instilling fear.

Terroists :

These peoples are not worry about the about
their lives but take the lives of those people who have some innocent dreams in
their hearts

Causes Of Terrorism :

All terrorist acts are motivated by two things :

Social And Political injustice :

People choose
terrorism when they are trying to right what they preceive to be a social or
political or historical wrong , when they have been stripped of their land or
rights , or denied these.

The belief that violence or its
threat will be effective.



Types Of Terrorism :








A form of collective violence interfering with the peace,
security, and normal functioning of the community.


Violent criminal behavior designed primarily to generate
fear in the community, or substantial segment of it, for political purposes.


Terrorism that is not aimed at political purposes but which
exhibits “conscious design to create and maintain a high degree of fear for
coercive purposes, but the end is individual or collective gain rather than the
achievement of a political objective.”


The activities incidental to the commission of crimes of
violence that are similar in form and method to genuine terrorism but which
nevertheless lack its essential ingredient. It is not the main purpose of the
quasiterrorists to induce Terror in the immediate victim as in the case of
genuine terrorism, but the quasi-terrorist uses the Modalities and techniques
of the genuine terrorist and Produces similar consequences and reaction. For
example, the fleeing felon who takes hostages is a quasi-terrorist, w hose
methods are similar to those of the genuine terrorist but whose purposes are
quite different.


Genuine political terrorism is characterized by a
revolutionary approach; limited political terrorism refers to “acts of
terrorism which are committed for ideological or political motives but which
are not part of a concerted campaign to capture control of the state.




“Referring to nations whose rule is based upon fear and
oppression that reach similar to terrorism or such proportions.” It may also be
referred to as Structural Terrorism defined broadly as terrorist acts carried
out by governments in pursuit of political objectives, often as part of their
foreign policy



Facts About Terrorism :

It is difficult to make statistics about terrorism,but some facts are
clearer than others ……

Around the world about 50 percent of terrorists
actions are bombing, 20 percent are shootings and 30 percent are kidnappings,
hostage taking or hijackings.

Around  20
percent of terrorist actions result in someone being killed

The number of people killed by terrorit has
risen dramatically over the last 20 years.

How do the terrorists work :

Terrorists groups are made up of people who are convinced that society is
deeply unfair. They beleivenormal politics cannot solve the problem and
therefore, it is acceptable to break the law to achieve change. That is “the
bullet is better than the ballot box.”

The terrorists works for the mainly four categories

Organised Terror.

Making an Impact.

Direct Terror.

Death or Destruction

Organised Terror:

organised terror,most terrorist groups try to hide their activities from the
police. Many are organised into cells who work independently from each other.

Making an Impact :

                In this
category of terror, 50 percent of terrorist actions are bombing. These tacties
are used because bombs can be set to explode after terrorist have escaped.

Direct Terror :

                In this
category, terrorists groups do used guns but means must be present during an
attack risk of capture. Guns usually used for self defence.

Death or Destruction :

                In this
category  of terrorist, some groups
informs the police before bombs go off because they still achieve fear and on
the other hand some groups  believed
killing randomly achieves their aims.



Paying for terrorim :

money to buy weaponsand to keep operations secretly but the problem is that
missions cost of money very huge like fake passports, safe houses etc . Some
methods used to raise money are  like as
Fake charities, Drug smuggling and prostitution, DVD pirating, Robberies,
Kidnappings etc .


Hiroshima & Nagasaki Attack (1945) :

                During  the 
endng stages of world war Iiin 1945, the united states conducted two
atomic bombing against the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, the first
on August 6, 1945 and the second on August 9,1945.These two events are the only
use of nuclear in war to date.


Solutions  to
terrorism :


Understanding the differences in cultures,
religions, beliefs and human behaviours

Think of peace, freedom and equality of all human
beings , not just “one group of people.”

Eliminate the root of terrorism

Education :

is the primary solution to terrorism. The government should educate the people
to understand the differences in culture , religion, belief, and human behaviours.
All people should think of the peace, freedom and equality of all human beings
, not just  “their group of people .”

Eliminate the root of terrorism :

                The way
this world is attacking terrorism is funny. Every country is doing something to
kill terrorism  but they still cannot
eliminate all terrorism. They can killed some terrorists today, but they cannot
kill the other terrorist tomorrow or after tomorrow. They should trying to finf
the root of terrorism, and they have to eliminate it. Black money is the main
root cause of terrorism because terrorists can do nothing without money, so the
government should find who support the terrorist.

Understand about terrorist :

solution is to find out the problem why a terrorist doesn’t feel guilty and why
he has forced to be a terrorist. It may be some injustice done to him.Hatred
spreads hatred only. It may be conquered only.









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