I goals; I realize that I must

I have always wanted to
work for the development of my country. During the undergraduate programme, my field works
and theoretical studies created more passion in me for knowing the knowledge
and critical insights into the socio-cultural, environmental and other
challenges of achieving sustainable development at both the local and global
level. My long-time
objective is to see myself as a Researcher in one of the Research and
Development organization. To reach my goals; I realize that I must learn more about the intricacies involved in the
area and this is why I would like to pursue a Master’s programme at Uppsala
University which would not only
boost up my career but also add a special respect for me. I have a
feeling that the opportunity your scholarship will provide, I can contribute to the development of a developing
country like Bangladesh.

My performances in the class projects and field
reports grabbed the attention of our faculties and I was appointed as a
Research Assistant in a funded research project in my department.
A prestigious scholarship from a reputed university like yours can not only distinguish
me from my classmates’ but also help me to enjoy my educational experience. Moreover,
listing one or more scholarship awards on my resume can make me more appealing
to prospective employers. Last but not least, the cost of a university
education is rising day by day and it’s very much common for the students like
me from a middle-class family to seek out scholarship funding, no matter how
small the amount.

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In Bangladesh, we are lagging behind in term of
research and as I want to be a researcher, a Master’s degree from Uppsala
University which is very famous for its research environment will enable me to
work with different research organization here and improve their quality of research
in different aspects.

My family and
friends are supporting me but this is not quite enough to make my dream come
true. I need as much help as possible and I hope that your university can help
me reach this dream by awarding me your scholarship.


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