This that grade-inflation is common in the

This article talks about an altercation on
grade-inflation that is going on at Harvard University with a philosopher
called Harvey C. Mansfield. Mansfield seems to be concerned about the fact that
students in this generation basically get an “A” for the same school work that
students would have gotten a “C” for two decades ago. Mansfield is a professor
at Harvard University and a pertinacious critic of grade inflation. He chastises
what he classifies a system of excessive grade inflation, after discovering
that students are receiving mainly A’s at the college. It is stated in this
article that grade-inflation is common in the entire American education.
However, there is a debate on how realistic it is for roughly half of Student’s
who attends Harvard University gets an A-minus, and while only six percent gets
C-plus.  To stop being tough on his
students by giving them the exact grades they deserve, Mansfield comes up with
an idea of his own. Mansfield tactic and solution to “grade inflation,” and
grading his students at Harvard university is to give students a grade they
deserve, which he would discuss with them in private, and another “ironic
grade,” which goes on the official records, imitating Harvard’s inflated
grading system. The “ironic grade” would go to the transcript just to
make each student’s transcript perfect. According to Mansfield, even though he assigns
letter grades according to prevailing norms, he simply tells students how he
thinks they literally performed. Mansfield debates on how and why institutions
have become depraved and in return, he criticized affirmative action for being
the main cause.  However, University
administrators fired back at him for making such contentious accusations
without having a solid evidence to prove his allegations. Mansfield’s
affirmative action theory was not well acknowledged, as administrators of
Harvard University disagrees with him. They think It is negligent for him to
make this broad and disruptive claim without providing even a piece of evidence
to support it. Furthermore, American Universities are referred to as big
businesses which collects a huge some money from students for being opportune
to attend them. Students are also said to want to attend universities which
will make them stand out and be beneficial to their career in the long-run; and
that students usually have the opportunity to rate how effective professor are,
which makes it a problem for a professor who doesn’t grade students fairly. Overall,
it is concluded that mending grade-inflation cannot be a simple task when
professors like being self-governing themselves. Graduate schools such as
Harvard’s Graduate business school have firmly embraced their exact grading
curve, while few other Universities record two different grades, such as the
average class grade and the actual student grade on students’ transcripts. This
is what Mansfield is against and he thinks students are being pampered with
untrue grades.



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