Qualitative may have a subjective point of

Qualitative and Quantitative research are always used
when it comes to undertake a research project in business application field.
However it is important to make the distinction between these two. The
qualitative research is the first that we will use to understand reasons,
opinions and motivations. It will give us some insights into the real issue and
guide us to develop ideas or hypotheses. Then will comes the quantitative
research, which we will use to quantify the problem by providing numerical
data. It is much more structured than the qualitative research part in a sense
that we will transform data into usable statistics to formulate facts and
uncover patterns in research.

The first step is the qualitative research that you
have to conduce. There are a lot of advantages to conduce a qualitative
research. It is very useful during the early stage when you don’t really know
on what to focus on. This is the time where you can be free and do natural and
large research to gather information. It also gives you details and rich date
by the way of written descriptions, photographs and visual evidences. On the
other hand there are some disadvantages, by doing qualitative research and
being heavily involved, you may have a subjective point of view of what you
found. Interpretation can be misleader by your own view… The last thing is that
this research is very time consuming. Regarding the application, we can use a
lot of different ways to conduce qualitative research as for example the observation,
artifacts, interviewing or focusing on group that are relatively small. The
type of questions that can be asked can be “What is the nature of…?”, “What is
it like being…? “and even  “What factors

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Let’s talk about quantitative research for now. This
is the part where you will become more objective about what you gathered by
measuring and analyzing all your data. This will allow you to test your
hypotheses you made previously in experiments using for example statistics.  However one thing is missing in quantitative
research: the context of the study. The context is mostly ignored which can
inaccurate results… Moreover, a large sample needs to be selected to conduct surveys;
the larger the sample is the more accurate the survey is. Regarding the
application of quantitative research it can be conducing feedbacks,
questionnaires or surveys that will reveals statistics data that you can
analyze. Questions you may ask could be “How many calories American consume per
day?”, “How often do British students use Facebook each week?” or even “What
are the most important factors that influence the career choices of American
students?”. You can also conduct experiment to examine effects of something and
do simulation to examine effects of a new algorithm.

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