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The marketing campaign of the leading brand Mercury
energy which deals with the electricity, gas and solar is widely known
for its green and clean renewable resources formed in the year 1998 its 51%
shares are with government. The digital and traditional campaign “Do the earth a
favour, be a power saver” will be conducted by
mercury to increase the customer base, sales and revenue and retaining the
customer. Which is a very generic and broad topic but reason behind choosing
these objectives is the market share which the company contains in New Zealand
is not even 20%. But has a good market share of almost 392k customer which is
why it also plans to give them a new offer by retaining. The campaign uses a mix
of digital and traditional marketing strategies. The benefits of these campaign
will be awareness of the brand and its existing products, increasing traffic on
its social sites and on its web page and getting engaged with the customers. It
is also promoting the existing product and telling people the importance of the
Electronics bike and cars which will help in reducing the carbon emission and reduce
the use of renewable resources. It also promotes it solar panels which will reduce
the energy bills and can use natural resources to generate power. The campaign
first targets the place where it will be running frequently those are in the
big cities of NZ to reach maximum people. which will be run through many communication
tools like print media, direct mail, broadcast, telemarketing, PR, paid
marketing, email, mobile and the most important that is social media. Which will
be handle by different departments of the company such as research, sales,
finance. Social etc. Campaign has a Maori theme kaitiakitanga which means
protecting nature and manaakitanga which believes in caring and giving. The two-month
campaign will be monitored on the results which includes increase of the
customer base by 40-50k or more. Increase in the followers on the Facebook, Instagram,
tweeter and you tube. By at-least 10% Engaging customer with the new offers and
attractive videos. The paid media will be used for reaching the new customer
and areas where mercury has less share and its tracking will be done trough

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