LondonAfter exile to London. In London, Karl

LondonAfter Karl Marx released The communist manifesto he was seen as so sedesios that he couldn’t find a home anywhere in continental Europe and therefore exile to London. In London, Karl took a job as a European correspondent to the new york Tribune. When Karl started writing for the American market he had to turn his attention to American politics to extent, the crisis over slavery, the civil war, and many other things. Marx worked as a journalist for the New York Daily for 10 years from 1852 to 1862. He never earned any money and was largely supported by Engels.1864 In 1854 Marx was elicited to the general counsel of the international worker men association. There he fought against capitalism and economic theory. In 1867 Marx went on to write political and economic works including Das KapitaI and published it. His travels in Europe he had an international perspective on things he had a worldwide view. After that, he spent rest of his life writing and revising manuscripts for additional volume which he did not complete ( Karl Marx’s theory became extremely popular by the earlier twentieth century and was adopted in many different countries. The Russian revolution of 1976 ushered in the first communist government. After world war 1 socialism and communism spread to countries throughout Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Communism appealed because it provided contrast with the existing economic situation at that time. Karl Marx had a huge impact on revolutionary movements from Russia to China to Cuba to North Korea and many other countries. All these countries based their program on Marxism. Death Karl Marx died in London on March 14, 1883, of pleurisy. Karls was original gravestone only a nondescript stone,  the communist party of great Britain erected a large tombstone and a bust of Marx, in 1954. “Workers of all lands unite” alike from the communist manifesto is quoted on the gravestone as well.

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