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If I had access to a time machine, I’d travel back to Georgia, particularly the 1830 as an abolitionist .At that time in American History there were over 3 million slaves. Georgia had the 3rd highest amount of slaves in the United States.This time period affected my ancestors since I am african American. One of the reasons I would travel back to this time of forced servitude is so I could have a more up close look at what plantation life was like for the slaves. In 1830, there were over three million slaves in the United States, and close to 150,000 of them were living in Georgia.Another one of reasons I chose to travel back to the time of forced servitude is so that I could see for myself how much better off I am, and how much the slaves in this period went through to help me be where the entire race of African Americans, my family and I am today. Around 15% of slaves died in the Middle Passage, and only 3.9 million were freed, and worldwide, over 60 million Africans were killed from the start of slave trade until the emancipation proclamation.  Personally, when I start thinking deeply about all the torture and hard work they had to do, it’s hard to just go on like nothing happened.However, I also feel like I’d also want to have a more up close and in depth look at what was really going on, since obviously textbooks don’t have every detail.In my time experiencing that it was like to live in the 1800s, I would also try to sneak onto a plantation and smuggle slaves out, similar to Harriet Tubman. Harriet Tubman was well known for her expertise in sneaking into slave plantations and finessing slaves out. Perhaps I could help our race find a hero figure to rely on in a time of need.  If I could choose, I could also be an undercover slave, to have an even closer up look, in addition to being able to get slaves out easier. If I had more knowledge of my past, I’d definitely go to the specific plantation where my ancestors were being held. I’d introduce myself, talk with them, ask them almost infinite questions, and try my hardest to help them escape slavery. My heritage and the past of my mother and father’s families have always been a mystery to all of us and going back in time would be a great way to uncover knowledge.

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