UI with the UX designer and all

UI (user interface) Designer – is a person who
requires a good understanding of user needs and is responsible   that unique and consistent design language is
applied and utilised properly across the whole website/app, and how errors or
interaction with end users will be handled, but  the major role of these persons is decision making about each screen/page of a website
regarding which content or call to action 
is more important and should be more visible than the other.

This role requires
a person who has an expert knowledge of user interaction, design languages, and
principles but also some light knowledge of HTML and CSS, and must closely
collaborate with the UX designer and all other designers in a team to
synchronize all their work properly.

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UX (user experience) Designer – is a person who is a part
of the team, whose arrangement required to do deep, research about how,  in normal life, people  use the particular website/app, or how do
this end users,

Do they have
satisfaction  and pleasure with the
particular website/app.                   
This role should carry out the most of the work regarding user experience.

The fact is that is necessary
that  all designers which are the
part  in a team must have  some basic UX knowledge.

The purpose  and task of  
this role in process is to make a website look better so that each
step/click of a website must have  the
adequate logic behind it and that the ordinary people and end users understand

UX designer and whole
designers team are making the most of the real life user testing but, also, its
important, they are responsible for creating the best flow of  work for all users on the website/app.





Art director – is a person who is in
charge of all other designers in a team, and he must be constantly
communicating with the client so he could
successfully transfer all their wishes and demands to the designers in a team
in order to avoid all possible disputes and errors. And very often he is the one responsible for quality control
of the end product.


Full stack Developer – is
one of a new role in the industry and it assumes the role for the tasks between
front and back-end developers (a mixed combination of both roles). These kinds
of crossover combination roles are very appreciated especially within the
larger companies, and it requires at least medium level of knowledge of all
web-specific languages and frameworks, and also medium level of skill set in
design principles and language.


Content Strategist – this job title is very rare within the small
companies or startup’s, but it is very desirable in larger groups and
organizations where, at the same time, several big content/information projects
are under development. Their basic concern is information and content on the
website or app and they are more collaborating and in contact with authors and
editors of information content than designers or developers in a team.


SEO Specialist – The common set of tasks for
this title are improvement of URL structure, optimizing title/heading tags,
Meta descriptions etc. There are several different approach to this, but with
search engines constantly changing algorythms on which they based the search
there is no one unified approach. Basically he is responsible for optimizing a
website/app code for better ranking and easier finding in the search engines
like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc., and furthermore, it must ensure that users can
easily find your website or product when typing specific keywords related to
content on page of your product in the search engines.


How complicated development process of the website/app
really is, from basic design and layout to coding,from front-end to back-end
programing user experience and SEO,  we
can determine from all the tasks and job titles listed above.  Depending on a budget and size of an
particular organization it often happens that one person has to perform few of
the roles at the same time because that above-defined job titles aren’t same
across all software development companies. But all needed tasks for completion
of a certain project are explained in detail, with underline of the complexity
of the development process. All these web industry titles are like a dream jobs
by majority opinion in today’s business society, but for the actual people who
perform them or ones that have even try to perform any of them know how that is
so far away from the truth. With the technology advancements and innovations
and rapid progress and increase of the Internet worldwide is in fact the reason
that made this profession highly in demand right now. While these technological
and social innovations and breakthroughs are affecting the whole society in
general the web developer community has been also in a great deal  affected with all the associated pros and
cons within the process. Designers and developers in the majority of these job
titles aren’t limited to the borders of their countries in which they live, the
only aspect that they should try to ensure is to be online, because of huge
market competition and a vast variety of the other designers and developers all
around the world. In spite of all these big possibilities, job opportunities
and a very large open market can cause a lot of confusion among the potential
clients and users in ‘outside’ world because of distinguishing in pricing of
the same product or services.  But in a
web, there is a big geo-location effect because of the different standards,
different salaries in countries/continents which often leads to a big price
difference between the companies and freelancers from different parts of the
world(for example for years freelancers from India took a lot of work on the
market because of the low cost of their working hours, but delivered bad end
product.So it took a lot of time for people to stop outsourcing projects to

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