a. top talent in the country to

Such additional
hours of work shall be reflected in the duty rosters of the Railway servants


The working conditions of the railway employees need to be reframed
looking into the nature of working, especially for the intensive employer. Railways
being the life line of nation the work load are always more. Thus long working
hours, 24 hrs to be in touch, unhealthy working conditions in many cases, in cases
of emergency no reliever, due to retrenchment and non filling of vacancies  workload 
doubled on employees without extra incentives.  Be it the station master  working in all odd situation as  he has to keep railways moving or be it
the  Ticket conductor, attendants,
drivers working in all odd hours.  So a
proper see through for various post of railways specially the C and D group.

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Indian Railway network is growing at a healthy rate. In the next five years,
the Indian railway market will be the 3rd largest, accounting for 10 per cent
of the global market. The vision 2020 put more emphasis on the development of
human capital considering its important role in the growth of Indian Railways.  Matching of skills and qualifications with requirement, training and
motivation, through a challenging workplace environment, incentives for
accountable performance and cross-functional teamwork would form the core of
IR’s HR strategy. Railways will attract, nurture and retain top talent in the
country to meet the challenges ahead. The next chapter will highlight about the
literature review of previous studies in the regard to human resource practices
in Indian Railways and their effectiveness for the development of the industry.

Matrons, Sisters-in-charge,  Midwives who are not posted on regular shift
duty in railway Hospitals; Health Educators and District Extension Educators (
Male and Female); Family Planning field Workers ( Male and Female); Lady Health
visitors; Auxiliary Nurses-cum-Midwives; Projectionists and any other as
specified by the ministry by order who are available on call.



The hours of work of a Railway Servant as per
roster (hereinafter referred to as the rostered hours of work) may be
continuous or may have short interval for rest, or breaks due to exigencies of
service or deployment.

1.    Subject
to the limit specified in section 132 and having regard to the requirements of
the service and the nature of work, the Railway Administration shall fix the
normal rostered hours of work for the various categories of railway servants in
the manner indicated in these rules.

2.    The
rostered hours of work of Railway servant shall consist of –

Standard hours of

Additional hours as
may be prescribed in the case of certain categories classified as essentially
intermittent; and

Time required to do
preparatory or complementary work or both for those who are required to do such

3.    The
standard hours of duty for different classes of employment of Railway servants
shall be as under : –

—  42 hours a week;

—  48 hours a week; and

Essentially intermittent
—  48 hours a week;

Railway servants having essentially
intermittent class of employment shall called upon to work as per rule 8
(2)(ii) additional hours as indicated below :

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