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The Nigerian petroleum industry is currently facing depletion of onshore oil deposits; forcing oil producers to go deeper into the earth interior and further into offshore regions to explore new opportunities of oil recovery. This shift towards offshore production means Nigeria needs indigenous Marine Geoscience expatriate to boost our daily oil production so the government can rescue our oil dependent economy from further collapse. The more Marine Geoscience expatriate we (Nigeria) have, the more we can discover new regions with rich resources in subsea oil and gas. This is very crucial to our economic survival as new regions are possibilities and promising markets for foreign and local investors interested in the Nigerian petroleum sector. Marine Geoscience is rapidly evolving with cutting-edge technologies and innovations with the University of Bremen, Germany at its forefront in producing world class Marine Geoscientists. The University of Bremen, is one of the only few eleven German universities to be classified as “University of Excellence”. In 2012, Zentrum fur Marine Umweitwissenschaften (MARUM), a research faculty focused on Marine Environmental Science, was established in the University, making her a leading international institute for planning and carrying out interdisciplinary marine science. Having majored in Geology in my undergraduate studies and increasingly bothered by our present economic challenges as a nation, I took upon myself to discover ways I can contribute in rescuing the nation from this unfortunate economic tide. Amongst several ideas, coming up with studying Marine Geoscience at a graduate level at the University of Bremen, Germany is the most profitable for the nation and my career.And here is why, with a world class expertise in Marine Geoscience which can be gotten from a Master’s Degree at the University of Bremen, I will be fully equipped to play a key role in offshore oil production. I will have the expertise needed to proffer solutions to our peculiar challenges preventing us from maximizing our offshore oil wells. Here I mean our peculiar challenges of CLIMATE (wind velocity, waves high and sea current direction), SEA ENVIRONMENT (weather-storms, high hydrostatic in sea bed pressure due to water depth and low temperature in deep sea) ROCK CONDITIONS (plastic nature and behavior of salt layer during the application of strain, structural conditions of sea bed and composition and porosity of sedimentary rocks), Big distances in the sea; distances from the coastal depth of water column and the depth of the reservoir, the invisibility of sea operations, and contaminants elements presented in the oil and density of hydrocarbon and many more. When these challenges are conquered, offshore explorations will be more profitable, leading to more revenue for the government to work with in getting the economy back on track.If sponsored by PTDF for a Master’s degree program at University of Bremen, I will devote full attention to my studies to ensure I master cutting edge technologies and 21st century principles that can be implemented to transform the offshore oil production industry in Nigeria. On returning home, the Petroleum Technology Development Fund PTDF would have successfully contributed in increasing the productivity of the offshore oil production industry and positioned a young Nigerian to help make our oil dependent economy get better.

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