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There have been a lot of scandels surrounding the topic doping especially in Russia.So what is doping?Athlete’s use of prohibited drugs/methods to improve training and sporting results.Doping includes an athlete’s use forbidden drugs( steroids,narcotics,hormones)also use of forbidden methods( blood transfusions and gene doping).Majority of the competitions all around the world doesn’t accept the use of doping.Which I don’t agree with.A lot of big names like Maria Sharapova,Lance Armstrong,Alex Rodriguez,Justin Gatlin,and so on have been accused of using forbidden drugs.Which damaged there carrires tremoundsly.Further more, I don’t agree with the average mind set of people about doping.People some times freak out when they hear the word “doping” because it sounds like a very unsuitable and inappropriet subject.Which I don’t understand.Doping is meant to help/support a athletes training or performance through out the competitions.So if a athlete believes in that doping is a unacceptable,unsuitable or inappropriate subject they have all the right not to use doping ; I wouldn’t force them to use it but also I wouldn’t force someone who whats to use doping that whats to support or improve his or hers performance.In favor of doping we can see the full potential of the athletes which makes it more interesting for the vieweverIn addition, through out these five years we founded out that 356 athelete have been using doping in Turkey.In this case my point is that even if it is illegal subject,athletes who are succesfull and improved there results and training use doping and most likely every athlete would like a better result and a better training so doping is a great solution for this case.The results of doping is always better so why not use doping?Plus,there are other factors that go in to it sport already involves unfair advantages such as a genetic lottery and the better training, diet and equipment in rich countries.So people who have better genetic,training,equipment and diet are most likely to have better results and a better training; in this case using doping isn’t any differentIn conclusion,I think that doping is a appropriate subject and should be legal to use during competitions and training.There have been lots of opiniones about this topic and this is my point of view on this particular topic doping.

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