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There are many billboards that are used on U.S. highways. They are used for advertising purposes. They occur in cities as well as highways. Advertising via billboards is somewhat effective for several reasons and there is credible research to support and validate this. The four reasons that corporations use billboards include “visibility, media efficiency, local presence, and tangible response” (Taylor et al, 2006). In addition, billboards have several advantages compared to other media forms (Taylor et al, 2006). For example, if an advertisement is passed out on a radio on a specific road, not everybody will be listening to the radio while driving because they may be listening to music or other things. But if there is a large billboard, many more people are going to take a quick look at it while driving, and then share the message with other passengers in their vehicle. So at times, billboards have greater reachability than radios. In addition, visibility is also an important attribute of billboards. Here, “visibility, which refers to the ability of a billboard to make strong, visual impression, allows billboards to break through the clutter” (Taylor et al, 2006). In addition, because billboards have very few words with a very strong visual image, they are very effective in marketing. As a result, merchants and vendors are more likely to use them.  There are estimates that are between “560,000 and 780,000 billboards in the U.S. as of December 2013” (Billboard Fact Sheet, 2013). One of the problems involved with using billboards is that trees have to be cut in order to make space for them and for them to be seen easily by oncoming motorists. This is very harmful for the environment as the area becomes less green. In addition, it is also important to note that it actually makes the area less visually appealing if the trees have been cut down to make room for the billboard.    In addition, the billboard occur every few miles on the highway. This is because if there are too many on the highway, the motorists will forget the information from the individual billboards. As a result, they can only be one for every few or so miles. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, billboards are not the most effective method of advertisement. According to “a 2012 study by the research firm Marketing Charts, only 0.2% of adults said outdoor advertising was the most influential ad medium in their purchase decisions” (Billboard Fact Sheet, 2013). And since this study happened in 2012, and it is now 2018, it is likely that even fewer adults are influenced by outdoor advertising. This is because we have access to so much digital media, cell phones, and electronic news that we are less likely to pay much attention to what is one the roads. In addition, billboards tend to advertise things that cost a substantial amount of money such as pricey houses and lawyers. These are things that people tend to buy only once or use very rarely. In addition, it is important to note that billboards are not only used for advertising a product but also to raise awareness about conservation or voting on certain legislation. Billboards are also used to motivate the voting population to vote for a particular candidate. In addition, billboards are used to educate about the environment in the local area because visiting people are more likely to see it quickly and obey what it says right away. Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, billboards are actually not the most effective method of advertisement just because people these days have so many media forms at their fingertips. These new and unique media forms are far more likely to affect their buying decisions than the billboards on the roads.

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