To the research especially in the automotive

To whom it may concern:

As I am the unit head of mechatronics engineering and
automation program at Ain Shams University, I am pleased to recommend Mohamed
Daoud, one of the top 1% undergraduate students in our program. I came to know
Mohamed for the first time when he was a student in my electronic circuits class
in spring 2015 semester 3 years ago. I also taught him electronic instrumentation
course in fall 2015 semester. During both courses, he showed an excellent understanding
of various engineering concepts and he distinguished himself and his team by implementing
these principles in different well-researched mini projects.

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Our mechatronics engineering and automation program is
designed to provide project-based courses, which enable students to enhance their
hands-on experience while finding solutions to real existed problems. During
these courses (Introduction to Mechatronics, Design of Mechatronic System 1 and
Design of Mechatronic System 2), Mohamed presented his ability in creating innovative
designs and implementing different control algorithms using only the available
resources. As a result, this can prove his keen on scientific research and is
reflected not only on his grades in the mentioned courses, but also on his
cumulative GPA of 3.97 out of 4.0.

Besides his academic studies, Mohamed also demonstrated a
great interest in extra-curricular activities. Last summer I recommended him to
apply in three months internship at University of Waterloo. He worked with a
PhD student on his project prototype under the supervision of Prof. William
Melek. During his internship, he designed a mechatronic system to change the
pitch angle of smart vertical wind turbine according to a given angle based on
different parameters. Furthermore, as we want to push our students skills in
terms of teamwork and industrial projects, we created ASU Racing Team, which is
a dedicated student organization aiming to revive the research especially in
the automotive technology. Mohamed was a member in ASU racing team for more
than 20 months. He worked mainly on electric control and powertrain of
hybrid/electric vehicles. His creative efforts demonstrated his strong ability to
work on long-term tasks either individually or with a group.

At a personal level, Mohamed is a self-learner, ambitious, well-disciplined
student with a pleasant personality and has good leadership skills represented
in being one of the representative of his class over his years of undergraduate

Mohamed is a rare find. I believe he will be successful
wherever he ends up attending graduate school and I will watch her career
develop with great interest and high expectations. He will be a dedicated student
and a competent professional.

I recommend him very highly and without reservation.



Maged Ghonaima

Unit Head of Mechatronics Engineering and Automation Program

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